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The Garbage Pail Kids (Live Action)

We can Do anything By Working With Each Other

The Garbage Pail Kids are the title characters from the critically panned Garbage Pail Kids Movie.

Why They Suck

All Together

  1. All of their appearances are very ugly and scary.
  2. They do stupid gross-out things.
  3. They're very dumb.
  4. All of their voices are annoying (except for Ali Gator's).
  5. They're also very annoying.
  6. They take people's food.
    • In fact, they even stole a Pepsi truck.
  7. Their characterization is very flat.

Windy Winston

  1. He farts too much and does to many gross-out jokes.
  2. He makes fun of everyone.
  3. He beated everyone in the strongest bar in the world.

Greaser Greg

  1. Out of all the kids he's the most mean-spirited.
  2. He carries a pocket-knife which is dangerous for kids.
  3. In one scene he does something to Messy Tessy.

Valerie Vomit

  1. Out of all the kids she has the most annoying voice.
  2. She vomits on everything no matter what.
  3. She laughs way too much.

Nat Nerd

  1. He pees his pants so much.
  2. Out of all the kids he has the ugliest design.

Messy Tessy

  1. She has to be the dumbest out of all of them.
  2. She uses her snot on everything.
  3. She even tried to fix a TV with her snot.

Foul Phil

  1. He says "mommy" or "daddy" a lot, which gets annoying.
  2. In one scene he eats too much and it makes his tummy hurt.
  3. Like Messy Tessy, he is very dumb.

Ali Gator

  1. He eats people's toes and fingers.
  2. He doesn't promise Manzini's favor.
  3. He is also very mean-spirited.

Bratz girls (live Action)

You ain't and look nothin' like the girls with a passion 4 fashion.

Cloe, Jade, Yasmin and Sasha are main characters of the 2007 Critically Panned and Box Office bomb Bratz

Why They Suck

all of them

  1. They 're little to nothing like they're Doll or TV show counterpart, they have a poor chemistry where they are jerks to each other and do dumb things.
  2. They look little to nothing like they're Doll or TV show counterpart, for example, Yasmin looks more like: Meygan and has a personality closer to Dana, Jade looks more like, Kumi and Sharidan (Who has a doll connected to the movie, although she isn't in the movie).
  3. Skylar Shaye, Nathalia Ramos and Logan Browning do really horrible job playing as: Cloe, Yasmin and Sasha, they do a poor job, and being completely unnatural.
  4. They all have very poor development, for they're own reasons each listed below:


  1. She claims to be an amazing soccer player, yet she does a poor job.