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    User:Michaelx2/sandbox/Sal (Wadanohara)

    Michaelx2/sandbox/Sal (Wadanohara)
    He Should be shark finned.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Terrorist
    Age: 18-20s
    Species: Shark
    Media of origin: Deep Sea prisoner

    Shiranami (in Japanese: 白波), or better known as Sal or Syake-san, is the Posthumous main antagonist in the 2013 videogame Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. (as well as the 2020 re-release of the same name)

    He originally was thought to work for the Sea Kingdom until he was revealed to be a cunning and manipulative traitor working for the Sea of Death, in order to release Princess Mikotsu and full the sea of infinite madness and death.

    He takes two forms in the game, shifting between both as he wishes. Sal is also the elder twin brother of Samekichi, son of Old and Namikaze, and the late uncle of Minami.

    Why He Sucks

    • He got upset over his mother's death and joined the Sea of Death instead of recovering from it.
    • He raped Wadanohara to extract her memories.
    • He Destroyed the Cast Pearl Starting a war
    • He hates his brother Samekichi.
    • He framed Samekichi for something he didn't do
    • He is a psychopath and all he cares is Wadanohara.
    • He left Wadanohara to die after stabbing her.
    • The scene where he rapes Wadanohara is highly disturbing

    Redeeming Qualites

    • His design is well made. (both Humanoid and Shark)
    • He gets killed offscreen.
    • He cares about his mother when he was young.


    • As stated in the physical copy of the manga volume one, his favorite color is red. His favorite food is seaweed and sweet white things. His specialty is long-distance swimming and having a cute appeal.


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