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Natsuki Mogi

Natsuki Mogi
Natsuki Mogi.jpg
Don't let her looks fool you, she's not the kind of person to be hanging out with.
Gender: Female
Type: Dishonest and Selfish Girlfriend
Age: 18-19
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Ayako Kawasumi (main series)
Maaya Uchida (New Initial D the Movie)
Kat Cressida (Tokyopop dub)
Brina Palencia (Funimation dub + New Initial D the Movie)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Initial D

Natsuki Mogi (aka "Natalie" in the Tokyopop dub) is one of the secondary characters in the Initial D franchise. She is a high school student who dates a man named "Papa" in his Mercedes and eventually befriends Takumi Fujiwara and later becomes his girlfriend up until the Fourth Stage.

She is considered to be one of the most mixed to disliked female characters in the franchise due to her actions towards Takumi.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem with Natsuki is how she manages to take advantage of others with the example of her dating her friend's father "Papa" only for money as that would describe him as a sugar daddy as she exchanged her body for him.
  2. She is dishonest with Takumi as she manages to keep secrets from him and not tell him the truth as she should.
  3. Her greediness led to her as mentioned when she dated Papa only for cash.
  4. Mogi isn't aware of her actions because she was careless about Takumi's feelings and didn't know about him finding out her secret relationship with Papa which upset him.
  5. She secretly cheated on Takumi with Papa only in order to find solutions to her own problems which shows how much of a selfish person she is.
  6. Natsuki ends up making more mistakes by deciding to date the wrong people who end up in disastrous situations with herself.

Good Qualities

  1. While she is shown to be dishonest, she does care about Takumi and wants to build up a better relationship with him.
  2. Her relationship with Takumi was quite interesting since they did have good times together.
  3. She redeems herself for her own mistakes and apologizes to Takumi for the trouble she has caused.