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"It's normal for children to tease. It's not normal for them to bite! Clearly it's because of how he's being raised. In my opinion, a dog can never be a suitable parent to a little boy."

Ms. Grunion (full name: Edwina Grunion) is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 28th full-length animated feature film Mr. Peabody and Sherman. She is a plump, strict, and cat-loving woman.

She was voiced by Allison Janney.

Why She Sucks

  1. She is a extremely unlikable, and completely dull villain.
  2. Similar to Supervisor from Mars Needs Moms, she makes no sense when she want bring downfall to Peabody's honor and take away Sherman presumably send him to an orphanage to torment him so he can forever be tormented by her.
  3. To makes matters worse, she says one point, "It's normal for children to tease. It's not normal for them to bite!", which can be bad influence to target audiences and not true, except it isn't okay to bite them.
  4. Despite being the main antagonist, she barely gets large screen-time role since the film mainly focuses on Mr. Peabody, Sherman and Penny Peterson who decide to get more time travel adventure on WABAC. In fact, she is obviously one-dimensional character.
  5. Wasted talented of Allison Janney, who play Peach from Finding Nemo, Gladys Sharp in DreamWorks' Over the Hedge, and Bonnie Plunkett in Mom.
  6. She was responsible for starting the space time continuum when she attempted to take both Sherman's away from Mr. Peabody.
  7. Her design looks mediocre-at-best and ugly-at-worst.
  8. She never gets any comeuppances for her actions just because she is the clichéd child abuse and animal cruelty.
  9. Her first name "Edwina" is never mentioned in the film.
  10. She is just basically the Mr. Peabody & Sherman version of Dolores Umbridge and Aunt Pristine Figg as they never got any comeuppance and are clichéd mean-spirited, child abuse and animal cruelty characters.
  11. She has weak personality, considering that she does not actually care for Sherman's well being, she actually wants to ruin Sherman and Mr. Peabody's lives by making them miserable. She even went as far as reporting Peabody with a false accusation.
  12. She is a complete hypocrite: At one point, Penny demands to know why Ms. Grunion is trying to take Sherman away if Mr. Peabody is such a great parent. The proper answer to this question is that the modern world's inhabitants all appear to be Fantastic Racists and Penny's little show at the beginning of the movie provided Grunion with the perfect opportunity, but Penny uses the situation to imply moral faults of Mr. Peabody.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She did redeemed herself, since she married Agamemnon in the Trojan Horse by Odysseus after accepting him.
  2. Allison Janney's voice performance is decent, despite being wasted, probably due to her not getting her large role.


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