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    "How pathetic."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Generic Zerm
    Age: 13
    Species: Zerm
    Portrayed by: Jennifer "Jen" Gould
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Looped

    Aliana is a recurring antagonist from the Teletoon cartoon series Looped. She is a Zerm alien, who's part of an intergalactic army, known as The Alien Federation. Aliana is friends with Lester. On the loop day, she goes to Earth with Lester and larps with him. They role play as human and aliens, reenacting a millennia-old war between the species. They swap roles however, with Aliana and her alien friends going in stunningly convincing disguises as human beings, and Lester and his human friends going in crappy disguises as Zerms.

    Aliana is quick-to-anger and after being slightly ticked off, she'll gladly kidnap, dissect, and destroy human beings and without raising an eyebrow, will blow the entire planet up. She has been brought up be her father to believe as Zerms are the ultimate species, and that any other species is inferior to them. She looks down on humans, but will still occasionally humor them, by playing lowly games with them such as larping.

    She was voiced by Jennifer "Jen" Gould.


    Aliana and her fellow aliens dress up as humans, while a select group of humans on earth dress as them, so that they may role play in a war reenactment. Lesterattends this war reenactment after school. Shortly afterward, her father and his friends go to Taco Munchiez and order a burrito with extra sauce. Many times have Luc and Theo tampered with their plans, causing them to declare war on them.

    In "Larping in the Loop", Luc first met Aliana in her larping game with Lester. He tried desperately to impress her, but he kept failing and making himself look like a fool in front of her. It took him many loops, but he eventually won the larping game, which only made things worse. Apparently, they were supposed to lose every game, because in the original story, the aliens won. Alianna's father did not take to kindly to this and attempted to destroy the planet as he, and the rest of the aliens revealed their true forms, including Aliana. Luc was the only person who thought she looked hot in her true form, as opposed to disgusting. This made Aliana fall in love with Luc and convince her dad not to destroy the planet. Aliana said goodbye to Luc and hoped they'd meet again someday.

    In "Space Burrito", Luc ticked off some aliens, by eating the last of the space burritos. The aliens kidnapped him in attempt to surgically remove it from him. had another encounter with Aliana. Due to the loop, she did not remember Luc's romantic gesture, leaving her hating him again. Theo busted Luc out, so Aliana and the rest of the federation chased after them and Theo had the solution of making new sauce of them, saving the world. Aliana didn't end up liking Luc in the end.

    In "Loop - There It Is", she and her father made a non-speaking cameo, watching the Port Doover news. Luc also reveals Lester's secret friendship with her.

    In "Rocket to Tomorrow", Luc and Theo proved to Lester their awareness of his space knowledge, by mentioning the aliens he larped with every Monday.


    Aliana's true form is a pink, translucent, ghost-like blob. She is a floating blob with one eye, that has three eyelashes on top. This is who she truly is and what she looks like in her purest form. When roleplaying, however, she dons a human costume, depicting a short, teenage girl with chin-length red hair, tied up in an aqua hair ribbon. She wears a white, sleeveless shirt, blue commando shorts, and black leather pairs of boots and gloves.


    Aliana is a feisty, strong-willed role playing warrior, razor-focused on her work life and fictional life. She is a tough and no-nonsense kind of girl, who stops at nothing to do her job. Even still, she has a beautiful, beating heart, with feelings of love and affection, deep down. It's closed off by an iron shield and the only way to break it down is by taking a non-violent approach.


    Luc Maxwell

    Aliana has a somewhat on and off romantic relationship with Luc. Aliana has proven that she has it in her to fall in love with Luc and that it's an absolute possibility for her to become his girlfriend, because she has done so a few times. However, given that every stroke of 12:00, resets the entire day, and she is affected by the loop, every time she becomes his girlfriend, their entire relationship is undone and Aliana goes back to not knowing Luc exists, meaning that Luc has to keep introducing himself, impressing her, and asking her out in order to maintain a relationship with her. Luc, being bad at first impressions usually ends up either annoying her or making himself look stupid in front of her, so it's not always that Luc gets the girl. All in all, Aliana and Luc are a great couple and they can totally be a thing. The only thing that needs to change is Luc's way with women. Thankfully, he has the advantage of repeating Mondays, giving him multiple chances to get it right.

    In "Larping in the Loop", Aliana role played with Luc. Luc failed many times to prove his masculinity in front of her, and every time, she'd give off the set response "How pathetic", and beat him. Eventually, Luc won the fight, which landed him in trouble with Aliana's Father. When Aliana and the other Zerms revealed their true forms, Luc was amazed by Aliana's true form and told her it was cool, which made her blush and fall in love with him. Aliana stopped her father from destroying the world and said that humans are actually pretty nice people. She then became Luc's girlfriend. She thanked him for his kindness, by sliding her slimy flipper across his face and told him that she wishes to meet him again someday.

    In "Space Burrito", Aliana met Luc again, but the loop made her forget how much she loved him before. Aliana prepared a table and shackles, and locked Luc into it, getting ready to dissect him for his sauce. Luc stupidly tried to remind her of previous events, which of course, she didn't know about. After Luc escaped, Aliana was furious and she chased after him, destroying everything in her path to get the sauce back. For the entirety of the episode, Luc hit on Aliana, and annoyed her. She never fell in love with him like before, and left him alone.

    In "Loop - There it is", Luc made a universe-wide news broadcast, revealing the shameful, dirty, horrifying, embarrassing, and life-changing secrets of everyone he knew. People from all over the universe watched in shock, either anticipating what secrets they'd hear about the ones they know, or worrying about the possibility that their secrets are about to be exposed on television. Two of those people were Aliana and her father. They were probably worrying that Luc would tell everyone about their larping with Lester or their true forms under their human costumes to everyone on Earth.

    Her Father

    Aliana loves her father and she works together with him in both playful larping and serious business. They're both on the same side and they agree on most everything, never arguing or fighting. Though Aliana's father may seem like an overprotective dad, he understands how powerful and independent his daughter is, and never wants to put a damper on that. He is also easily convinced by her, being open eared to everything she says. When Aliana's father was bent on destroying the world just because of Luc Maxwell, Aliana told her dad how nice of a person he was and how he and the rest of the human race were kind, civil beings, who didn't deserve to be destroyed. Without hesitation, her father put down the guns and said "I can't disagree with my space daughter." and happily let the humans live.


    Aliana is friends with Lester and oftentimes larps with him.

    Why She's Anything but Mega

    1. She is a generic doomsday villain, mainly because there are so many moments where she is unlikable, here are two moments:
      • In "Larping in the Loop", she attempted to destroy the world, as in it would have killed people.
      • In "Space Burrito", she captures Luc, and she even threatens to kill him.
    2. She is a mean popular girl, mainly because her personality is feisty as her personality states that she is a tough and no-nonsense kind of girl, who stops at nothing to do her job. Even still, she has a beautiful, beating heart, with feelings of love and affection, deep down. It's closed off by an iron shield and the only way to break it down is by taking a non-violent approach.
    3. She never gets punished, making her a Karma Houdini.
      • And she even doesn't feel remorse for it makes her heartless.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her character design is decent, even for Looped's standards.
    2. Jennifer "Jen" Gould did a fine job voicing her.
    3. She does care about Luc at times.
    4. She was tolerable in her silent cameo in "Loop - There It Is", as she and her father made a non-speaking cameo, watching the Port Doover news.


    • Her name is a derivative of the word "alien", overtly foreshadowing that she was a Zerm in disguise since her introduction.
      • In "Space Burrito", Aliana was in her human costume for the entire episode, even though she wasn't larping at any time during the episode.
      • Despite being an alien, who spends the beginning and end of the day in outer space, she's affected by the loop and continued to repeat the day over and over again. In "Rocket to Tomorrow", Theo suggested that if anything was outside of the Earth's rotation, during the loop, it would be outside of the time loop and therefore, unaffected. This must mean that Theo was wrong.


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