Jim the Knight

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Jim the Knight
Jim the Knight.jpeg
Jim the Knight Sprite.jpeg
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"Real FANTASY Right There!" —ProJared
Gender: Male
Type: Useless yet Generic Warrior
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Hydlide

Jim the Knight is the main protagonist of the 1984 video game Hydlide and its 1995 Sega Saturn remake. He is a knight in service of Princess Ann who when Varalys cast a spell on Ann and turned her into three fairies, sets off to find the three fairies to save Ann and kill Varalys.

Why He Should Be Killed By Bees

  1. His name is very unfitting and laughably simple for a heroic-fantasy context.
  2. When you start up the game, you start off very weak and one enemy can utterly destroy Jim in less than a minute.
    • In fact, he is so weak, he can get killed by bees and even slime in both the original game and in Virtual Hydlide.
    • In Super Hydlide, he couldn't even push a grave from levels 5 to 6 until he got to do that in level 7.
    • In Virtual Hydlide, despite having armor, he can easily be killed almost about immediately by trees, hovering laser balls shooting electricity that barely touches him, flames that barely touch him, a creature with sharp teeth from behind, and a golden statue that carries a wooden sword.
  3. His quest is very cliche, he must collect three fairies in order to rescue Princess Ann from Varalys.
  4. His armor in Virtual Hydlide is laughably bad.
    • His armor/character designs prior to Virtual Hydlide like in Super Hydlide for example, while decent, are very uninspired.
    • Speaking of Virtual Hydlide, his character design as a portly digitized actor looks so bad that it makes his NES design make him look badass in comparison, this is despite the fact that the Sega Saturn is far more powerful than the NES.
  5. Jim the Knight comes out short by personality and character development. He's basically the combination of Link from The Legend of Zelda and any generic protagonist from a '70s/'80s fantasy movie in a nutshell. This makes him clichéd somehow. He's basically the generic "I'm gonna save the world" type of protagonist with nothing else unique about him, hence the explanation.
    • Especially in Virtual Hydlide, where the only defining thing about him is that he's an errand boy running around and nothing else.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. His NES sprite is cute-looking.
    • His armor/character designs prior to Virtual Hydlide like in Super Hydlide for example, while they are very uninspired, are decent.


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