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An example of a bad character redesign…
…vs an example of a good character redesign

Character Redesigning is the act of taking a fictional character and redesigning them, hence the name.

Most of the time, the act of redesigning a character is not always a bad thing, as the characters can be redesigned in a way where they suit the art style or they look better than those they originally did.

But sometimes, the act of redesigning a character can also lead into absolute disaster because they either design the character in a way where they don't look anything like their original selves, or they are redesigned with an art style that does not suit them.

Why They Suck

  1. Whilst the idea of redesigning a character may not seem bad on paper, sometimes, it can have an awful execution.
  2. They can be redesigned in a way where it feels like the writers were trying way too hard to modernise their characters for modern audiences.
  3. Some redesigns can make the characters look absolutely nothing like their original selves:
    • The worst offender is Bob the Builder's 2015 reboot redesign, which looks absolutely nothing like Bob, as he seems to be much younger than he was previously and he clearly looks like a teenager cosplaying as Bob the Builder.
    • Dilys Price's character redesign is also terrible too, as it bares little-to-no resemblance with Dilys' old design, it's to the point where she doesn't even feel like the same character anymore.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As mentioned earlier, the concept and idea of redesigning character isn't not so bad on paper, and there are a few examples where they can be executed well.
  2. The characters can still have their original personalities despite their awful redesigns.

Examples of a poorly-done character redesigns

  • Bob the Builder (Bob the Builder (2015)) (the worst offender)
  • Dilys Price (Fireman Sam (Season 6-present))
  • Fireman Sam (Fireman Sam (Season 6-present))

Examples of good character redesigns


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