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Bad Qualities

  1. She is extremely cruel and unlikable towards Eleven.
    1. She made fun of Eleven's stepfather Jim Hopper, who is initally believed to be dead.
    2. At the Rink-O-Rama, Angela humiliated Eleven by bringing her to the center of the rink, filming her on camera, dumping a milkshake on her, and making her fall over – the worst personal public humiliation any Stranger Things character has faced so far.
  2. She shows no sign of remorse for her bullying actions.
  3. Angela's motivations for bullying Eleven are unclear.
  4. When Angela got in trouble for bullying Eleven, she accused Eleven of being a snitch, even though Eleven told her teacher that she tripped.
  5. While a few bullies on Stranger Things have received redemption, that doesn’t seem possible for Angela

Good Qualities

  1. The scene when Eleven hits Angela with a roller skate is one of the most satisfying moments in any tv show.
  2. Her actress did an amazing job making us hate her so much.
  3. Thankfully we don't see her after episode 2


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