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Licensed character creepypasta

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Licensed character creepypasta are known for people redesigning licensed characters from media (mostly children’s) television shows, movies, video games, etc, into Creepypasta style. The most notable licensed creepypasta character is Sonic.exe, which started this trend, as everyone else begins copying it with other characters. They exist in YouTube parodies, lost cartoon episodes, horror games, and more.

Why This Trend Sucks

  1. Just when Creepypasta and Sonic.exe started to exist, and people begin to copy his design with other various characters, depending on your view, some of them can look uncanny or cringe, or maybe scary, can even make you feel disturbed or uncomfortable, as what they’re intended to be, sometimes or most of the times they aren’t scary at all to begin with. As the characters be designed with black eyes and red pupils (some also with completely black or red eyes), blood pouring out their eyes, having sharp teeth covered with blood, scars, cuts, wounds, even rippled hair (or can even be chomped or bald with wavy lines), skin, and clothes.
  2. As mentioned that they are mostly made from characters from children‘s media, The characters can easily terrify children, but not only that, they can also ruin your childhood, and give you extreme nightmare fuel.
    1. To add salt to the wound, and quite worse than Elsagate, there is a YouTube channel named Mickey Fandome96 (formerly KidsFun 96) who makes a huge load of licensed character creepypastas (which they call them “Horror Versions”) from various children’s media (which they are all made in Photoshop). And for this matter, the channel’s former name KidsFun 96, is extremely misleading, and can fool kids to think that they are channel for kids, when they will see a huge lot of these character horror videos, and will get terrified. What were they exactly thinking?!
  3. This not only feels insulting to the creators of the original characters, but also feels violating to content policy.
  4. They use the "it's made for entertainment purposes" excuse to avoid criticism.
  5. Like Sonic.exe, when the characters are furtherly detailed besides just the design, they can be badly made, like having terrible-"are you even trying to be scary?" quotes, and many story clichés, and it feels like they're made only to just kill the character's friends, and people as well, like Sonic.exe.
  6. Again as mentioned in WTTS#2, Kids who like the characters but then sees these horror redesigns of the characters, can terrify them and make them terrified of the original character.
  7. They can sometimes be taken a bit way too far, especially on characters that are cute, which can really give you uncool vibes.
  8. Majority of them are used on bad or crappy YouTube stuff, like stuff involving with 3AM, the "scary" hour, do not watch/play something at 3AM, calling characters (which is just unreal), and even the characters coming to your house (when it's really just someone dressed in a cheap costume that doesn't look like the original character at all.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Depending on your view, they many not seem as scary or not at all scary as what the characters are intended to be.
  2. The redesigns are arguably and impressingly creative, especially that they are made in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Despite WTTS#4, some can actually enjoy these whether they're scary or not.


  1. Some of them, like Sonic.exe, came internet memes.
  2. As mentioned above, Many of these exists since Sonic.exe.