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Draft 1:The Comedian

The Comedian is a one of the main characters from the comic book series Watchmen and its movie adaption.

Bad Qualities

  1. He often acted as a complete jerk towards others.
  2. Despite being a crimefighter he barely did anything heroic, making he more qualifying as a villain.
  3. Some of his actions are very stupid and mean-spirited, for example he attempted to rape Sally Jupiter, he killed a woman that he impregnated with no reason, or even killing people during a protest .
  4. As mentioned above, he has no motive for some of his actions.

Good Qualities

  1. He has memorable phrases like: Justice? Justice is coming to all of us, No matter what the hell we do.
  2. He is the most active costumed adventurer from the Watchmen universe.
  3. His iconic badge.
  4. His death started the "current" events of Watchmen.