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Popee (Popee the Performer)

Gender: Male
Type: Psychopathic Clown
Age: ???
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Popee the Performer

Popee is the titular main character of Popee the Performer, and the main deurteragonist of the series.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is extremely abusive towards Kedamono, using him for nothing more than a target for his tricks. A good example of this would be in the episode "Magic".
  2. Popee will also try to kill Kedamono occasionally, the episode "Eraser" and "Swallower" being good examples.
  3. He was at his worst in "Swallower", where he tries to slice Kedamono in half after he saves him from being pinned by a sword, and eats Kedamono alive.
  4. He's shown to be a sore loser, as whenever Kedamono does something better than him, he tries to get revenge on him for that petty reason.
  5. He does strange actions often, like cutting off his eyelids and going insane and for no reason.
  6. He does things that shouldn't be allowed in a kids' show, such as murder, animal abuse, property damage, and flipping the middle finger.
  7. He makes ugly and unnerving faces, such as in "Swallower" where he has the infamous "bloody jumscare" face, and in "Limbo" where his face becomes similar to what the Devil's face would look like.
  8. He's notably self-centered. For example, in "Monocycle", he doesn't care about running people over, not even his father, but rather getting fame and skills with his monocycle.
  9. He can be a bit stupid at times, such as in "Ghost" where he tries to slice Kedamono and Papi's ghosts in half, or in "Fire Ring" where he falls for a dumb disguise set up by Kedamono. He also didn't let Papi suck out poison from his body in "Poison", which is an idiot move.
  10. He kept teasing Kedamono to come down to Earth from Heaven so he could keep throwing knives directly in his face in "Knife Thrower", which can be considered disrespecting the deceased.
  11. He chopped off most of Paola's trunk in "Dark Side" with absolutely no reason at all, and even faked being nice to Kedamono and Papi so they wouldn't notice.
  12. In "Pantomime", he got out binoculars when Kedamono fell from his imaginary staircase instead of trying to save him.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He gets his comeuppance a lot.
  2. He sometimes gets along with Kedamono, but this is mostly when the two are in danger.
  3. He was more likable in the pilot episode, since he acted more comforting and sympathetic towards Kedamono.

Bully Bill (SuperMarioLogan)

Bully Bill
"Hey, ret*rd!"
Gender: Male
Type: Stereotypical Bully
Species: Bullet (formerly) Human (modern)
Portrayed by: Chris Netherton
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SuperMarioLogan

Bully Bill is an antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. He is a young Bullet Bill with a large tendency to bully other characters, especially and mainly Jeffy.

Why He (Intentionally) Sucks

  1. He is completely one-dimensional, as seems to never learn his lesson about bullying Jeffy. He's been beaten up (and even killed) on many occasions, yet still decides to bully him.
  2. His motive for bullying people is not good at all. The reason he bullies people time and time again is because... his name is literally Bully Bill, which is just very poor writing.
  3. He uses "ret*rd" as an insult towards Jeffy. This may have made sense in 2016 - 2017, but Jeffy seems to have matured over time and became a bit smarter, yet he still used it towards him. Sound familiar?
  4. His character is a rehash of Tanner from the Bowser Junior's Summer School series. The only thing is, Tanner was actually well-executed, which Bully Bill isn't.
  5. He also seems to be stupid, as he often confuses other characters posing to be Jeffy as Jeffy himself. Some notable examples are in "Jeffy and Junior Skip School" where he thinks Scooter is Jeffy (although to be fair, they are biological twins) and in "Jeffy the Monkey" where he thinks that a monkey is Jeffy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. To be fair, he likely doesn't actually want to bully people, he just feels like he must since his name is Bully and that he's rewarded by his parents for bullying.
  2. He does get comeuppance every time he bullies someone.

Sandbox #2

Welcome to the Loathsome Characters Wiki!
Characters that put bad tastes in viewers' mouths.
The most important aspect of a piece of media is the characters. Characters can be good, but sometimes, a team of executives can make a character that is terrible, unlikable, mean, lazy, or gross, and sometimes these characters can even ruin the media they're from. This wiki explains why they suck.
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Butt-Monkey - A terrible characteristic that is cruel to one or more characters from a certain media, and these characters get punished when the abuser should.
Peter Griffin - The main character of an iconic animated series that was infamously flanderized to the point of no return.
Greg Heffley - A character that's usually likable enough in his own franchise, but gets the truth about him revealed in his friend's franchise.
Jeffy - A foul-mouthed puppet that makes his father's life a living hell and caused the downfall of his series, and nearly caused a child to commit suicide because he did it.
Sonic.exe - An evil version of a beloved fictional hero that's nothing more than a poor attempt at being scary or edgy, and became a meme due to being ridiculous.
Caillou - A character infamous for being spoiled and throwing tantrums all the time with little to no comeuppance, and made kids that watched him act like him.
Brainy Smurf - A know-it-all that's overly talkative and acts like he's better than everyone else.
Jessica Gordon - A self-centered stereotypical popular girl that rarely cares about anything other than her looks.
Fred Figglehorn - A crybaby manchild that has a deafeningly ear-grating voice.
The Teen Titans - A team that was once serious and mature in the old Teen Titans, but became childish and dumb in the reboot.
Lynn Loud Jr. - A self-centered winning-obsessed sister that nobody would want as a sibling.
Mr. Krabs - A greedy boss that cares only about himself and his money to the point where he once fired SpongeBob for a penny.
Chris McLean - A once hilarious and great example of a comedic psycopath that was flanderized into a bad example of a comedic psycopath.
Perfect Peter - An obvious Gary Stu that constantly tattles on Horrid Henry.
Sergio - A pet bird that's nothing more than an unsympathetic troublemaker.
Peppa Pig - A character who is essentially the British equivalent of Caillou who fat-shames her father for no reason.
Bubsy - An infamous video game mascot that talks way too much, has a terrible Twitter account, and exists jut to cash in on the video game mascot trend of the 90s.
Tokkori - A selfish, annoying, stupid bird that uses Kirby only to protect himself.
Carter Blake - A corrupt police officer who is a massive jerk to the people around him and is also a Karma Houdini that likes to beat up innocent suspects and sometimes kill them.
Son Goku - The flanderized version of a beloved hero that doesn't care to protect the world and constantly abuses his power.
Buck Cluck - A father that milked his son's mistake for clout, and even before that was still a neglectful father.
Flanderization - The process of giving a good character a new personality that is inferior to their old personalities and makes them unlikable.
Thomas the Tank Engine (Season 12-16) - A well-meaning and likable tank engine that was unfortunately flanderized into a bad tank engine who has little charm.
Cool Cat - An atrociously voice-acted cat who, despite what his name says, is not cool at all.
Chloe Carmichael - A egotistic Mary Sue who has no reason to be on the show and caused The Fairly OddParents to end.
Tom's Owner - An abusive owner of the beloved cat Tom that makes very cruel punishments for him.
Jar Jar Binks - A creature that exists just to pander to kids and is considered to be the worst Star Wars character, even to this day.
Gene Meh - The cringey main character of an infamous animated movie that's also a bad example of the cliche misunderstood protagonist trope.
Ned Flanders - A Simpsons character that started out as just a guy who loved going to church but soon became obsessively religious to the point where he has a trope named after him.
Bloo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (Seasons 2-6)) - A character that was good for a short period of time, but quickly became unlikable and greedy.
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Kaname Asagiri - A sadistic torturer that rips off multiple other anime characters.
The Cat in the Hat - The movie version of the classic book character that is incredibly unfaithful to the original character.
Big Tex Arkana - A stereotypical greedy money-obsessing business criminal pawnshop owner that rarely show any respect to the townsfolk (including his son's rival).
Norman Price - A character who started out as being a mischevious boy who would play harmless tricks on his friends but soon became a whiny brat who does horrible things for the most pettiest reasons.
Moneybags - A cliche spoiled rich guy that will find any way to charge Spyro.
Oscar - An egotistical fish that lied about killing a shark and always comes up with bad get-rich schemes.
Farfour - A blatant rip-off of Mickey Mouse who enjoys promoting terrorism and manipulating children.
Karma Houdini - A trope in which a character gets away with whatever bad deed they did with little-to-no repercussions.
Alfe (The Problem Solverz) - A "problem solver" that is way to addicted to pizza and has an ugly character design.
Norm (Norm of the North) - The immature protagonist from the heavily panned film who is extremely unlikable and even twerks in the film.
Loathsome Characters Wiki
Peter Griffin.png
"Remember what I always tell you, if I come home in the middle of the day and catch you having sex with someone, I'll kill you both."
Gender: Male
Type: The Dark Side Of Peter Griffin
Age: 45
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Seth McFarlane
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Family Guy
First Appearance: "Death Has A Shadow"

Peter Griffin is the titular main protagonist of the FOX adult animated comedy series Family Guy; however, he is not as nice a character as some may imagine in fact throughout the course of the series, Peter has caused much misery for those around himself: often this is due to stupidity but there have been times when Peter has deliberately caused harm or misfortune on others to better himself, which only backfires, leaving Peter the raw end of the deal.

Peter is not alone in this respect as he is shown to have an "evil" brother known as Thaddeus Griffin, suggesting antagonism runs in his family, that explains about his son, Stewie (though in fairness, Peter does have some moments of being a caring individual, though they are rare).

He is voiced by the Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane.


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  3. Trevor Philips (Grand Theft Auto) - Just because he's a complete psychopath doesn't actually mean that he's a bad character.
  4. Iris (Pokémon) - Controversial reasoning and too divisive of a topic.
  5. Lillie (Pokémon) - Despite her flaws, she's quite possibly the deepest character in the entire Sun & Moon anime.
  6. Paul (Pokémon) - He is the most well-written rival in the anime series.
  7. Squidward Tentacles (SpongeBob SquarePants) - He may be mean-spirited, but he's one of the most real and relatable characters in the show. And when it comes to Seasons 5-7, he's the most untouched character in the series in terms of Flanderization.
  8. Hop (Pokémon) - Over and nonsensically hated continuously. On top of that, he's not actually a bad character.
  9. Pink Gold Peach (Mario) - Pointless to make a page out of.
  10. Kevin (Ed, Edd n Eddy) - Can’t be on the wiki just for antagonizing the Eds.
  11. Eddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy) - Sure, his occasional unlikability and annoyance can sometimes come off as a bit of a handful, but unlike a lot of greedy characters, he isn’t egotistical, and he is easily one of the best parts of the show, even in the later seasons.
  12. Chris McLean (Total Dama) - He started Total Drama. His disregard for the campers’ safety is actually hilarious, and his unlikable moments are justified.
  13. Wallflower Blush (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Forgotten Friendship) - Not a bad character. Despite a bit of her mixed reception, she is also a villain, and is admittedly one of the best parts of Forgotten Friendship.
  14. Donald Duck (Disney) - He is an example of why we can’t add characters just for being “mean”, no Donald Duck incarnation is really bad, and he is one of the most beloved Disney characters by the fans.
  15. Benson (Regular Show) - Same reason as Donald Duck, and Regular Show would most likely not be as great as it is without him.
  16. Blue Diamond (Steven Universe) - Just because she lacks screen time or her villainy role doesn't mean she's a bad character.
  17. Chris Thorndyke (Sonic X) - Already on Great Characters Wiki.
  18. Loser (BFB) - Same as Hop, plus his some of his pointers would be false claims.
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