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Arch, known as The Nice Redden is the male contestant from Object Terror. He competed in both seasons and became flanderized in the reboot.

Why He Sucks

1. He went from a nice yet calm person to a very jerky and a selfish Butt Monkey type character, meaning that Arch has been flanderized.

2. In Episode 2, he became a jerk to Plug for a bad reason.

3. He acts cocky and immature, mostly in the reboot.

4. His screaming is obnoxious and irritating to hear.

5. He overeacts whenever someone callS him a U-Ripoff.

6. Sometimes he is considered to be a hyporcite.

The Only Redeeming Quality

1. At least he became a bit better in the first reboot.

Want me to suck you off?

Dan is the main character who first appeared from the infamous game called Fuck Mr Hatcher Later, the game itself became popular because of GameGrumps.

Why He Sucks

1. He's a perverted freak that harrases Mr. Hatcher in a sexual manner and he once squeezed his balls.

2. Just like Fleabag Monkeyface, he does several gross stuff.

3. In the sequel, he killed his pet Uppity-Loo for no good reason.

4. His voice is obnoxious and irritating at some point.

5. He became worse in the sequel, rather than assaulting Mr. Hatcher, he keeps playing with his penis, making it show most audiences barfing because of his stupidity.

6. Notably, his screaming is awful to hear.

7. Dan is shown to be rude, stupid, reckless, destructive and immature person that makes act like he hasn't been educated well.

8. His smile is creepy at times.

9. He has little to no character development.

10. He does a horrible job at being a human.

"It's not fair to let Button go!"

Phone, known as The Electric is a male contestant that only appeared in the first season of Object Mayhem.

Bad Qualities

1. The main purpose of him existing is to be filler, as a fact, he's one of these generic nice guys.

2. Just like Sharpener and Camera, he's bland and doesn't do anything useful.

3. Phone has no personality at all.

4. His robotic voice isn't that good. In fact, his voice sounds like a broken radio.

5. He rarely receives character development.

6. He blamed at Button because just because he got eliminated.

Good Qualities

1. He might be an intentionally bad character due to the fact he doesn't do anything to make his team win, making him left out from the team.


Zack and Deuce are the main protagonists from the infamous 2013 animated series called The Day my Butt went Psycho!

Why they Suck

1. Just like the Breadwinners, The Disgustoids and Rocket Monkeys, they're a generic gross out duo that they mostly become obsessed with butts.

2. Both of them are annoying, idiotic yet childish protagonists.

3. Both of them cry whenever they're not close to each other.

4. Both of their smiles are creepy, mostly from Deuce.

5. Their voices are annoying and obnoxious, with Deuce being the worst offender.

6. Both of them fart, alot.

7. Their designs are chucky and cheap, that's probably because they're from a Low-budget television series.

8. They don't retain their personalities from the books.

9. They hardly have any good qualities.

Broken Glass is one of the female contestants in Object Redemption. She got eliminated in Streaming the Sakes, known as Episode 6.

Broken Glass Pose 11.png

Why She Sucks

  1. She's bland, forgettable, somewhat rude and a mary sue.
  2. She's one of these Object Show contestants that are left out from the team.
  3. Her character is rushed due to the fact she told Heart to shut up for an unknown reason.
  4. She doesn't do anything to help out or make her win challenges.
  5. Of course, she's another Poorly written character from a generic Object Show like this one.
  6. She gets less screentime.
  7. She is one of these characters that aren't meant to exists
  8. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Object overload popcorn by xanyleaves d7dbfx8-pre.png

Popcorn is the female contestant from the now-cancelled web series called Object Overload.

Bad Qualities

  1. She is a typical bland yet a generic nice girl.
  2. Like other Object Shows, she is the most boring character in a show like Object Overload, which was filled with bland and unoriginal characters.
  3. For some people, her voice is dull and at the mediocre range.
  4. She has accused Boxing Glove for killing people.
  5. Her relationship with Casey isn't enjoyable.
  6. She sucked at staying on the platform without getting hit by the dodgeballs.

Pip-lifes-a-jungle-africas-most-wanted-2.54 thumb.jpg

Pip is the male protagonist from the low-budget animated movie called Lifes a Jungle: Africa's Most Wanted.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is extremely snobbish, vile and an unlikable main character throughout the movie.
  2. He made a couple of fart jokes just like Surly Squirrel from the 2012 movie called The Nut Job.