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NOTE: This is just a sandbox, not an actual page.

Let's just hope and pray that real aliens are not like this...

Popoy is the green alien in the 2018 Spanish song, "Dame Tu Cosita".

Why He(?) Sucks

  1. Throughout the whole song, he repeatedly tells the viewer to give him their "little thing", most likely referring to their private area.
  2. Not only that, he dances sexually all the time.
  3. In parts of the song, his voice changes, which can be just plain creepy (Wow baby, tu me tiene' como loco, my lady!).
  4. His song is famous just because of a viral dance. Really?
  5. The concept of an alien dancing and repeating the same words over and over again is also stupid and makes no sense.
  6. His singing is absolutely unpleasant; the vocals are absolutely terrible and unbearable.