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Admiral Amilyn Holdo is a controversial character who was introduced in the equally controversial Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi.

Why She Sucks

  1. She created one of the biggest plot holes in Star Wars history: why didn't the Rebels hyperspace-ram at the Death Star?
  2. She looks nothing like an actual Star Wars admiral at all. She instead, rather looks like a priest reject.
  3. She makes other women (Both in fiction and reality) look bad.
  4. Amilyn Holdo demoted Poe Dameron just because he was a "reckless" pilot. Poe was just defending the Resistance.
  5. Amilyn Holdo didn't just demote Poe Dameron, she antagonized him.
  6. She is prone to delivering nonsensical speeches about hope.
  7. For an "admiral", she gets easily distracted and speaks annoying riddles and metaphors with a monotone/singsong voice.
  8. Speaking of admirals, Holdo was only introduced to replace Ackbar, who was a much more successful admiral than Holdo was!
  9. Her design is quite ugly and grotesque.
  10. She dreamed of dangerous adventures, which it doesn't even fit his good dreams at all.