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Closeup of Mickey from SSJ ; 1533862081582 -1.png
“Take this you MOUSE RACIST!” *launches Sonic violently*
Gender: Male
Type: Noisy, Loud-Mouthed, Self-Absorbed Jagoff
Species: Rat
Portrayed by: Joseph DiAngelo Sanford (2017-2022)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: The SuperSonicLogan Series Show (2016-2017),
SSJ Series (The 2016-19 Era)

Mickey Mouse is a character of The SuperSonicLogan Series Show (2016-2017) and the SuperSonicJoseph series from the web channel SuperSonicJoseph (currently named Joseph Sanford). Known for his possessive and devoted obsession with doing anything for Disney, no matter how impractical or absurd his ideas come out as far-fetched or even implausible. He is one of Sonic's best friends and a member of Team Sonic & Friends. He is proudly entitled, noisy, somewhat lazy, selfish, greedy, unmannerly, potentially troublemaking in several instances of his unruly behavior and he keeps a hoard of Disney merchandise he treats as his personal valuables/collectibles in a cabinet he used to live in.

Why Mickey's Intentionally Not A Hot Dog

  1. He is often defensive when it comes to his obsession with Disney (even more so than Sonic T. Junior's childlike adoration for Sonic Mania). The point where he is madly delusional, opinionated, verbally/physically aggressive, and absolutely dogmatic about those who find his self-indulgence offensive, too repetitive, or just plain strange.
    • Aside from his obsession with Disney, Mickey can also be very gullible and fall for anyone's lies that make him look completely foolish. A good example of this is how easily he is fooled by Sonic regarding Disney, demonstrating his foolish loyalty.
  2. His voice is loud, hoarse, and grating. It's as if Mickey Mouse himself got a sore throat. The voice sounds like a combination of Toad from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, along with Scratch from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (a character that has the type of voice viewers can find irritating), and combined them all to create Mickey's voice.
    • In the video below, one fan said that just listening to him and seeing him everywhere gave him a headache. Mickey's screaming and blathering in the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Mess!" that was shown as the primary reason why (aside from a video called "SSJ Plush Short: Mickey!"). He did this to demonstrate how infuriating Mickey was.
      • This is also mentioned by the same person in this video using his own version of SML Joseph to explain why he finds Mickey annoying and not the best character in the SSJ series.
  3. Mickey does only one thing: act like an oblivious and brainless schlemiel, wandering around and sometimes making noises like a hyperactive man-child in an obnoxious way to get into trouble for irritating other characters in an obnoxious manner, and getting into trouble for irritating other characters in general, just being the imbecile he is.
  4. He has shown to be quite lazy on several occasions, where he'd do nothing useful nor helpful most of the time.
  5. In addition to being unlikeable and dumb, he has little to no repercussions for his self-centered and reckless behavior. He is also prone to making a lot of blunders out of his ignorance.
    • Examples of this includes videos ranging from "SSJ Plush Short: Strange Mistakes?", where he hastily labeled Sonic as a 'mouse racist' when Mickey himself was yelling at him first and beating up Sonic ceaselessly with a giant empty water bottle that is twice his size for no reason at all (much to the point that he even launches Sonic by swinging the bottle at him after tossing him in the air to plummet to the ground off-screen), to acting like a jerk with some intention to annoy others (often to gain attention from others) in videos that include "SSJ Plush Adventure: An Secret Coincidence!" for example.
    • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: Mickeys Broken Arm!", Sonic and Mario helped heal Mickey's arm for 10 weeks while Mickey passed out somehow. During Mario's explanation of what happened when Mickey was irrational and wanting answers, Mickey keeps interrupting him by constantly yelling at him, making noise, making obnoxious noises with his 'singing', and spouting endless pointless nonsense. He stupidly says that he can’t be quiet even after Mario told him to shut up more than twice, much to the point that even you as the viewer, want him to shut up as well.
      • Even when Mickey is given his comeuppance in that same video for making ear-piercing noises, he continues to repeat those sounds in an extremely childish and idiotic way. Learning absolutely nothing from his mistakes.
    • In the video "SSJ Plush Short: The Power of Awesomeness!", Mickey called Mario a moron and said Mario's attempt to surf the handrail was "pathetic" since all Mickey did was to 'impress' Disney itself like a self-deluded loser. Even though Mario offered sympathy for Mickey's failures, Mickey rejected Mario's gesture and called him a "retard". Isn't Mickey so likable?
    • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: NO Annoying Mice Allowed!", Mickey once told the viewers to go "f*** themselves" when Scoobo argued that Mickey was unbearable for the senseless arguments he made while being childish and irritable.
    • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: Napped!", while Mickey seems to be rambling incoherently when he chills out before being violently struck by Sonic Junior, he says that he is fully aware of being an annoying person and doesn't care if anyone hates him (even you the viewer). Which goes to show how unsympathetic, ruthless and careless he truly is.
    • In the episode "SSJ Plush Short: Scoobo Thrilling Day!", he dared to call Scoobo annoying when Scoobo was just joyful while he was flying around, Mickey still didn't have a good reason for being rude towards Scoobo. While Mickey did get his comeuppance for making that remark, it's still pretty impolite for him to say that about Scoobo.
  6. He slowly becomes more of an annoying, bumbling idiot than before. Often being the very reason for causing chaos out of his impulsivity and is the source of sheer stupidity that just frustrates other characters like Sonic himself (including the viewer). And much to the point that many characters including Scoobo, Junior, Robotnik, and literally everyone berate and try humiliating Mickey because of his senseless egotism.
    • There were moments where Mickey acted like a complete moron, which includes the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic Junior's Stupid Day!", where he was rambling after senselessly launching himself towards the tv box by jumping into it with a shoe and making it turn off, predictably it frustrates Junior who was enjoying himself while playing a video game.
    • There were also moments of Mickey acting like an idiotic brat. A good example of this is the video "Back to California!! Part 1", which he was utterly responsible for starting the conflict that happened by using an odd-looking phone that Robotnik himself would later say nobody should touch or use ever and was left on the floor by the latter's mistake. Mickey did this just for wanting to get "Disney styled Pizza", which doesn't make any sense since Disney clearly doesn't deliver food to anyone's houses that are outside of Disneyland/Disneyworld.
  7. In addition to being moronic, the way he's written and portrayed is all over the place, a la Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob Squarepants. Where he was meant to be a hedonistic yet reliable member of Team Sonic like Sonic T. Junior (a kid who is shown to be loyal to his friends), but nowadays, most of the time, Mickey has had his moments of becoming completely malicious and an utter troublemaker towards his friends since he always bothers them in annoying ways and sometimes has malicious intent to commit even more crimes than Eggman does. To the point that it makes him out to be a random antagonist than anything else.
    • A video focused on him called "SSJ Plush Short: Mickey!", has shown how he started some destructive and violent behavior towards everyone, even to those who don't deserve it like his friends Junior (a kid we mind you) and even Scoobo just for kicks, and worse yet, Mickey never gets any comeuppance for his reckless behavior. Which is just underwhelming.
    • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: From Moroncy To Robust!", he acts more like a pathetic villain that forces the pig Bill Grucks to be Mickey's literal guinea pig for making a cannonball test out of the motivation to earn money and fame rather than ambition (which is Eggman's job to do something like this, not Mickey!). Where it all rightfully (and literally) blow up in Mickey's face when Bill happily gets back at him, all thanks to Mario (as Sith Cynical) rightfully throwing a wrench in Mickey's extremely harebrained get-rich-quick schemes.
  8. Hypocrisy: In that same video, he labels Mario (as Sith Cynical) as an incompetent moron, even when Mickey himself is rather ineffective with almost everything, nor is he the smartest character around.
    • In the aforementioned video "SSJ Plush Short: The Power of Awesomeness!", Mickey called Mario a "moron" and claims that Mario's attempt to try surfing the handrail was "pathetic" as a completely hypocritical move when he too screwed up (even worse than Mario did because of Mickey's sheer indifference and laziness). He also called Mario an "idiot" when Mario landed on his privates by mistake, where Mickey has no right to even call Mario that.
      • In the same video, he delusionally claims that the whole thing was so "pathetic" he could've won when he wasn't even trying nor made any effort whatsoever. Which led to him being comedically hit on the head.
    • In the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: Sonic Junior's Stupid Day!", he was pestering Junior in an immature way by guilting Junior that Mickey telling him that he was "wanting to help", where he just makes himself look stupid and weasels his way out of doing what he just said. Even for a self-deluded idiot, this makes him pretty shallow.
  9. Just like Leonard (Total Drama), he is pointless for a member of Team Sonic, especially where he can sometimes hinder them more often than not.
    • He does nothing but serve as a nuisance for everyone to find annoying because of his delusions & egomania, or someone to belittle and humiliate deliberately in cartoonish ways because of his overly flamboyant pride and impulsiveness.

Mickey's Redeeming Qualities

  1. He (along with Bowser) has moments of receiving what he truly deserves for his annoyance. Which can come off as either funny or satisfying. "Plan E-Vision!" is a video that is dedicated to having many cartoonish scenes of him suffering a lot by serving as the butt of almost all of the slapstick humor, mainly because of him being both; a silly goof and a buffoon.
    • His punching bag status in future videos with Mickey serving as the victim of slapstick abuse, for example, is often warranted and it tones down the annoyance he has made because of his frustrating behavior from past videos. And it makes him now less of a Karma Houdini/Idiot Houdini than before.
  2. Before his characterization in 2017-18 videos, personality-wise he was more of a friend to Sonic & friends and less antagonistic, where he is meant to be a genuinely nice character despite his shortcomings and acts of unintentional stupidity. Even right before his late 2017 characterization, he was a rather generic but harmless side character.
  3. While he is usually annoying, some moments of his idiocy or ridiculousness can be viewed as amusing/hilarious to some viewers. Some examples of this include the video "A Secret Coincidence!" or "SSJ Plush Adventure: WOW?" for example. A comedic example of this was when he was whining over "Disney styled Pizza", which can come off as ludicrous or just goofy in a good way.
    • Likewise, he has had moments of not being annoying towards other characters in 2019.
  4. While incredibly lazy and useless most of the time, his clumsy mistakes and blunders can make some side effects that are sometimes helpful and/or useful in an unintentional way towards other characters as seen in "Plan E-Vision!" and "Back to California! Part 1". Which all resolves from Mickey being a bungler.

Mickey's Video

(Skip to 0:32 + 9:03 for this part)

Mickey's Trivia

  • In 2017-19, whether he was obnoxious or tolerable, he was always presented to be a character that other characters in the series that was meant to be hated and humiliated for his overly loud personality.
  • He is often considered the least favorite character by fans (where this used to be shown in reaction videos more likely), as shown here
  • He went from being a major character and deuteragonist/tritagonist to being demoted into a secondary character because of some of the occasional backlash he's received.

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Dirty Dog ; Cool Cat.jpg
“Hey Cool Cat!! You and your friends stink! So here's something to clean you up!”
Gender: Male
Type: Over-The-Top but an Childish, Ridiculous & Antagonistic Moron
Age: Unknown
Species: Costumed dog
Portrayed by: Derek Savage (Voice-over)
Andre Matthews (in costume)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus

"I'm Dirty Dawg!! And I'm gonna pollute ALL the kids with Coronavirus!!!"
Dirty Dog

Dirty Dog is the main antagonist of the Cool Cat franchise. Serving as the main villain of Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus and the upcoming Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting. He is an evil, sadistic, deluded yet ineffectual canine and Cool Cat's archnemesis whose goal is to cause mayhem around him after his goal with the intentions of clearing half the population of the world with COVID-19 had failed. He was voiced by Derek Savage.

Intentionally Dirty Qualities

  1. He may come off as entertaining and intentionally mean-spirited, but he is a very one-dimensional and poorly written antagonist. And a very idiotic one at that.
  2. Many viewers can have mixed feelings about Dirty Dog himself since he can be viewed as a character you love to hate/find entertaining or a completely one-dimensional villain who's not only very pathetic, incompetent, acts like a 10-year-old & being a total joke, who also causes some provocative thoughts because of his recklessly evil actions with spreading COVID to literally anyone.
    • Not to mention that the scene where Dirty Dog infects a kid was meant to be scary for how cruel he seems despite the ridiculous execution of this very scene. But there are viewers that find this genuinely horrifying (or annoying) for the fact that it's essentially a crazy man in a dog costume with a horrific mask getting close to a kid and acting like a madman that called the kid "ugly" and a "punk".
  3. Since he is meant to represent the anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers of the COVID crowd, he seems to have a low opinion of pro-maskers calling them "sheep" and referring to the pandemic as a "scam" without so much as a hint of irony or self-awareness since he has the Coronavirus apparently.
  4. For whatever reason, he tends to refer to two Latino girls, Cool Cat's newfound friends, as "rat-haired".
  5. His rap number is laughable and cringeworthy (just like Cool Cat's rap number, although not as horrendous), although it can also be viewed as hilarious for how bad it is. Despite this, he does make some good points about Cool Cat being a fool, how there are kids that are dumb & easy to scare, and how there are some adults out there that are dumb enough to be tricked as something we have to be highly aware of.
    • His very introduction is just as laughable.
  6. Most of his dialogue is extremely childish.
  7. He shares many flaws that are carried over from Butch the Bully from Cool Cat Saves the Kids with being a one-dimensional bad guy whose goals are immature and troublesome yet their actions are completely impractical and frivolous.
    • Whereas Butch the Bully was a harmless little kid whose biggest sin was carrying the gun to school, Dirty Dog's intentions with endangering the lives around him make him out to be a complete psychopath.
  8. He's so profoundly stupid and bumbling, that he somehow used his bizarre skills and talents of sorcery to make his own plan useless and fallible.
    • His moronic behavior is better shown when he said that he wants to "pollute" kids with COVID when the correct verb is "infect". Also, in spite of his goal is to cough on others, since he's a dog, he literally can't transmit the disease to anyone. This is also an example of how poorly written he is.
    • Another moment of his laughable actions is "coughing" on a water balloon.. and somehow missing Cool Cat and the kids. Which makes his lack of aiming skills very ludicrous.
  9. On top of being poorly written, he seems to have some contradictory writing to his character. On one hand, he believes that the coronavirus is a scam and doesn't exist, but on the other hand, he constantly tries to actively infect people with it.
  10. He really didn't have an actual reason or motive to hate Cool Cat or anyone else; hence this makes him out to be a Generic doomsday villain for having little to no personality outside of being a sadistic and childishly moronic villain who wants to infect others with COVID.
  11. Since his character design comes from the same people who designed Cool Cat, Dirty Dog's feet are poorly stitched out (much to the point that you can see the shoes that are supposed to be his feet) and his oddly long tail is rather questionable. Especially when his character design comes off as poorly designed since his mask doesn't fit his body design.
    • His earlier design prior to Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus which is seen in both videos on the Cool Cat YouTube channel, is genuinely repellent (the black eyes on his realistic bulldog head design doesn't help any further for how off-putting it looks).
  12. His voice sounds very nasally, overly hammy, and whiny to a laughable extent.
  13. Some of his audio clips (like his laugh) can be a bit too loud to the point of sounding obnoxious at times because of the movie's poor editing.
 Dirty Dog's Good Qualities  
  1. He is very much like an old-fashioned, over-the-top comic-book villain and possibly a Captain Planet type of villain, which makes him easily the most entertaining and least hateable character in both, the horrid movie he made his first appearance in, Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus, and the whole Cool Cat franchise (which is pretty impressive for a character made by Derek Savage of all people).
  2. Despite making his own plan to attack Cool Cat and his friends incredibly useless, he somehow managed to create a big Coronavirus atom single-handedly. All by grabbing some random bit of air, pouring his "magic sauce" from a glass bottle of Budweiser he got from a witch dog and mutating it into a singular, airborne Coronavirus molecule sitting on his bare hand which has the size of a baseball, which he then sends out to attack Cool Cat as if it is alive. Which comes off as both: incredibly bizarre and perhaps, formidable, all at the same time.
  3. His shirt design (especially the graffiti font spelling his name) looks way cooler than all of Cool Cat's lame shirt designs.
  4. Andre Matthews, the actor who performs as Dirty Dog, did a great job at making him very expressive with Dirty Dog's athletic movements and giving him a lot of energy to make him look exaggerated.
  5. While Dirty Dog threatening to shoot up a school as his next plan to conquer the world was intended to be taken seriously, some viewers can find this rather hilarious to watch for how over-the-top and bombastic it is (especially because of Dirty Dog's childishly goofy dialogue).
    • The scene where he infects a kid is meant to be horrifying because of how gratuitously evil it is, but when you know that dogs can't infect others with COVID, it's rather hilarious to see how much he acts like an absolute goofball (especially the way he coughs in a comical manner).
    • The way he growls and laughs falls into the "so bad it's good" territory for how hilarious it is.
  6. The following quotes:
    • 🎵“I'm Dirty Dog, and I'm the baddest there is! You're just a sheep!! And I'll bite you on the leg!!!”🎵
    • “That Cool Cat makes me mad! But look over there!! There's a punk kid!”
    • “I'm such a mean bully!”
    • “Kids are so dumb! And adults are too! I'll cough in their face, just to scare them, yeah!”
    • “Puah Pah Punk!! Kids are so dumb!! Puah Pah Punk!! Corona-virus is a scam!”
    • “Yeah! I caught a Corona virus, and now I need to add my magic sauce!”
 Dirty Dog's Trivia  
  • Dirty Dog is a reference to the YouTuber Mumkey Jones, who was scheduled to play the school shooter in the upcoming film before the controversy regarding the funding for the film Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus.
  • It is confirmed that his mother is a witch dog by a Cool Cat Tweet.
  • On the Cool Cat Twitter account, it's confirmed that Butch the Bully created him.
  • Much like Butch the Bully from the previous film, Dirty Dog is by far the most popular aspect of the film Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus!, being a hilariously over-the-top villain whose awkward rap number is regarded as probably the best part of the movie.

Dirty Dog's Videos

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Earthworm Jim (in game design from Earthworm Jim 3D).jpg

Jim in a cutscene.png
Earthworm Jim (in the concept art for Earthworm Jim 3D).jpg

Oh Jim, what did VIS Interactive do to you?
Gender: Male
Type: Flanderized Hero who is Accident-Prone
Species: Earthworm Jim
Portrayed by: Dan Castellaneta
Status: Alive

Earthworm Jim is the protagonist of the Earthworm Jim video game series, the action figure line, the comic book mini-series, and the animated television series which ran for two seasons. He’s normally a likable and hilarious superhero in the franchise, however, in Earthworm Jim 3D, sadly, he was badly flanderized.

Why Jim from EJ3D Sucked

NOTE: This only focuses on the Earthworm Jim 3D version of Jim, since the original and recent Earthworm Jim is likable.

  1. He was hit with some serious Flanderization: He went from being a lovable, wacky & hilarious yet incredibly competent hero, and he has become more of a weak, loud yet forgettable, unfunny, somewhat sadistic, and a hugely accident-prone loser with a gun that has low-range.
  2. He is much more of a bland and basic version of Earthworm Jim as a hero, where comes out short by personality and character development. This makes him generic somehow, he's basically the "I'm gonna save the world" type of protagonist with nothing else unique about him aside from being a colossal schlemiel, hence the explanation.
  3. His design in-game is ugly and it looks like a slightly distorted, rough yet subpar look of Jim himself. Where his design on the cover art of the N64 game/PC game (despite looking unsettling & odd), and the concept art for Earthworm Jim 3D (in and out of the trailer) look better than how he is in the game.
    • His design in the cutscenes is rather mediocre.
  4. When Jim gets hurt, makes sounds, makes puns, or says anything. He never SHUTS UP.
  5. Much like Bubsy: He often says things that aren't funny and it can easily get annoying.
  6. He has moments of being sadistic, like whip-lashing an innocent hamster to open a gate.
  7. A bit like Rito Yūki (To Love-ru): Jim being a Butt-Monkey comes across as sad and pathetic than comical/humorous.

Jim's Redeeming Qualities

  1. He can have some funny one-liners every now and then.
  2. Dan Castellaneta does a good job at voicing Jim (whenever he doesn't yell, shriek, or talk way too much) since he is reprising his voice talents from the 90s animated cartoon of Jim.
  3. He has redeemed himself in later adaptations of Earthworm Jim that did a better job with his characterization.
  4. Despite being a tad bit unlikeable, he's still very heroic and still shows to have his enthusiastic personality.

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Saved Extras

"It says that you can smell Pokemon? Well, I don't smell anything, ahh! I just remembered that I don't have a nose!!"
Meowth to Pikachu

"There's no such thing as a good hair day or a bad hair day, that's just hair!"
Gender: Male
Type: High-pitched Comedic Sidekick
Species: Cat
Portrayed by: Nathan Price (1997)
Maddie Blaustein (1997-2005)
James Carter Cathcart (1998-present)
Jimmy Zoppi (Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel)
Inuko Inuyama (Japanese; 1997-2021)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Pokemon

Meowth (in Japanese: ニャース, Nyarth) is a major antagonist in the Pokémon franchise, serving as one of the three main antagonists (alongside Jessie and James) of the Pokemon anime series. He is one of the three members and the mascot of the villainous Team Rocket. They even pilot a hot air balloon in his image. Meowth is notable among his own kind in that he is one of the few Pokémon that are capable of speech.

As a whole, he is one of the three main antagonists of the franchise, a minor villain in the Pokemon movies, and the main antagonist of the Pikachu Shorts series. He is also the arch-nemesis of Ash's Pikachu. Meowth also hated his evolution from Persian for being Giovanni's beloved top cat.

In the Japanese version, he was voiced by Inuko Inuyama, and in the English version, he was originally voiced by Nathan Price, then by the late Maddie Blaustein, and is currently voiced by James Carter Cathcart (otherwise known as Jimmy Zoppi), who also voices James.

Bad Qualities

NOTE: Aside from bringing up his characterization from the first few seasons, this will also discuss his character from RS146-present and MS009-present more than his original counterpart. Because his original counterpart was far more likable than how he is nowadays.

  1. While his and Team Rocket's comedic moments were always hit-or-miss, it has certainly outstayed its welcome nowadays since he can be prone to some forced comedy gags at times.
  2. Meowth was always given a very high-pitched tone of voice, and to be fair to his talented voice actors/actresses, they all did their best to voice him. That trait about his voice has gotten a little more ear-grating as of AG146-SM/M09-M20 (the time when James Carter Cathcart got to voice him); especially since it sounded too gruff and sounds a lot harsher than the previous seasons.
    • The worst offender of his voice is when he whines or yells.
  3. As of RS146/MS009, he has gotten a lot more irritating when his levels of sarcasm and mean-spirited behavior go too far; even more than before.
  4. He may be the brains of the trio, but that doesn't mean he isn't prone to some dumb moments.
    • He used to forget that he doesn't have a nose. Thankfully this hasn't been a recurring running gag in newer seasons.
  5. He has shown to be quite irritable. When he loses his patience, he can get snappy (which has caused him to get humiliated) and when Team Rocket says something blunt to him, he scratches his nails onto them as a real-life cat would do.
  6. As a cartoonish 'comic relief character, he is constantly mistreated like the series's punching bag for the things he says and does, even when there are times where this trait he has goes too far.

Good Qualities

  1. He has a great and adorable character design.
  2. BQ#2 aside, his voice can be rather tolerable to listen to when he doesn't yell or screech a lot.
    • Nathan Price and the late Maddie Blaustein did a great job voicing him and it fits his character a lot more.
  3. Alongside Jessie and James, Meowth has have plenty of funny, entertaining, and hilarious moments throughout the series.
  4. There were times when he is given some decent amount of character development, this can make him rather sympathetic or relatable all things considered.
  5. For all of his flaws, there are viewers that can view him as likable.
  6. Despite his immature moments here and there, he is pretty intelligent as the brains of the Team Rocket trio.
  7. He has plenty of great and humorous quotes, these include:
    • "You couldn't catch a cold!"
    • "Believe me, Jimmy, I wanna stop but my body has a mind of its own."
    • "Wah!? I got a lotta people to disappoint"
    • "Building up those biceps big boy?"
    • "Much to ask after entering enough humiliation to last nine lives for me to be the one to call the boss to bear him these good tidings, I may be a Pokemon but for your information, I still got feelings and I want to make these cold!"
    • "Are those chumps into cosplaying?"
    • "Quit complaining, at least youse got clothes"
    • "You're giving me a pain but I can't say land cause kids watch this show"
  8. "We do have a lot in common. The same Earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what's the same instead of what's different... well, who knows."
    • "What's wrong kid?? Down in the dumps huh? What got you feeling blue? You say somebody swiped your microphone, nothing sacred anymore, I guess nobody cares about our feelings no more... I never noticed before, but you look like the full moon I love so much. Hey, you treat me nicer than my friends did."



  • Meowth is one of the original 151 Pokémon in the series. His Pokédex number is 52 which coincidentally is Pikachu's Pokedex number backward.
  • In the games Meowth can evolve into a Persian when he reaches Level 28, however, in the anime, he refused to as he hated his evolved form, mostly because his boss replaced him with one.
  • When Meowth and Team Rocket started their adventures in Unova, they began to have serious personalities which later caused huge controversies among many Pokémon fans. It is even notable that they don't have comedic roles anymore, focus on missions instead of capturing random Pokémon that would "impress" Giovanni and when they blast off, they are seen wearing jetpacks retreating instead of blasting off in defeat. When the trio started their adventures in Kalos, they returned to their comedic personalities.
  • Meowth is one of the only Pokémon who can speak fluent English in the Pokémon series, besides a Slowking from "The Power of One" and the Gastly from "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak". The other voices which came from other Pokémon are telepathic messages, Meowth can even translate Pokemon language at times.

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Jeffy - A foul-mouthed puppet that makes his father's life a living hell, is extremely unfunny and was the cause of the downfall with the SuperMarioLogan series. He nearly caused a child to commit suicide all because he did it.
Fred Figglehorn - A crybaby manchild that has a deafeningly ear-grating voice.
Bonkers D. Bobcat (Miranda Wright episodes) - An flanderized version of Bonkers who's not only unfaithful to his species and looks like a generic Looney Tunes character, but became one of the most irritating obscure characters on The Disney Afternoon.
Dr. Warpnik (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) - An obscure.. and disturbingly bizarre lunatic who is extremely annoying.
Bloo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (Seasons 2-6)) - A character who was tolerable for a short period of time, but quickly became way too unlikable and greedy for his own good.
Oscar - An stupidly egotistical fish that lied about killing a shark and always comes up with bad get-rich-quick schemes.
Daffy Duck - An lovable screwball who suffered from Flanderization that made him a uncharacteristically evil villain.
Townspeople of Oakey Oaks - An town full of stupidly and extremely mean-spirited characters that NOBODY would be happy to live in, not even masochists would enjoy being there.
Ren Höek - An controversial, morally corrupt psychopath who was so egregiously cruel, mean-spirited, overly sadistic, and perverted. He was the biggest problem about Adult Party Cartoon and was the franchise-killer to Ren and Stimpy itself.
Patrick Star - A mindlessly childish, painfully stupid, apathetic jerk to SpongeBob who's supposed to be the latter's best friend, who was once a lovable idiot.
Sheen Estevez - A obnoxious idiot with an ear-grating voice who once was a scatterbrained, actually funny and a true friend to Jimmy.
Rosalina - A total dumbass who is supposed to be Mario's good-hearted girlfriend/wife, but is way too irrational, emptyheaded, childishly stupid, and annoying to be an endearing character.
Cool Cat - An atrociously voice-acted cat who, despite what his name says, isn't cool at all. Lame, childish, dumb, and all in such an annoying way.
Bubsy - An infamous video game mascot that continues to talk way too much and is a "comedian" who is pretty brainless, full of himself, has a mediocre Twitter account, and solely exists just to cash in on the video game mascot trend of the '90s.
Tim Avery (Son of the Mask) - An very annoying manchild who is supposed to be a pathetic loser with an awesome alter-ego of himself, but has a personality that is even more unfunny, creepy and obnoxious than necessary.
Terence and Teresa (Bubsy)- A duo of obnoxious children that serve as a reminder on why things will go wrong with spoiled brats in the reckless world Bubsy lives in.
Lester - A pathetic platforming character who is so weak, he is pretty much very unlikely to be a respectable character.
Coconut Fred - A monopathic and creepy attempt into ripping off our favorite fictional sea sponge.
Evelyn Claythorne - A straight-up womanchild who is an intentionally hateable character that GLITCH Productions made out to be a "love-to-hate" character who isn't enjoyable or entertaining in any way, shape or form.
Momma Robotnik (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)- An completely psychopathic jerk as Robotnik's mother who serves as ONE of the many reasons Robotnik became the way that he is today.
Mario - A bully who was supposed to be written as a misguided yet redeemable friend to Wario, but he is way too careless, selfish, ruthless, and dumb to do just that.
Spongebob - An hyperactive, unlikable manchild who once was an actually smart (if naive & quirky) and mature protagonist, but has been reduced to an obliviously happy idiot who has done many obnoxious, cringeworthy things.
Fred (Drop Dead Fred) - An nightmarish spirit as a part of Elizabeth's schizophrenia who is so unfunny, childish, jerkish and pretty much the brunt of creepy happenstances!
Dog - A infamously hated NES character who was well-remembered for his taunting laugh that annoyed every player worldwide.
Craig Yoshida/Wheeler - A desperate, pathetically annoying "friend" to Jimmy who is so self-absorbed and dramatic enough to make his relationship rather toxic for Jimmy's side of the story.
Golly Gopher - An spirit who is a part of Jimmy's schizophrenia who is very unfunny, narcissistic, manipulative and unlikable.
Bud and Doyle - A duo of obnoxious, overly childish idiots who are the embodiment of the cringe-worthy aspects of internet vloggers and 'comedians' in the 2010s/20s that are true Houdinis that get away with all the trouble they've caused thanks to their dumb luck.
The Lemmings - Obvious rip-offs of The Minions from Illumination that serve as 'comic-relief', but their antics are extremely unfunny and they even peed in a public fish tank!
Link - The worst (if primitive) interpretation of our favorite, silent, fictional sword-wielding hero.
Jerry Mouse (Gene Deitch Era) - An obnoxious and hateable incarnation of our beloved titular rapscallion.
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Ghostbusters - Feminizing the Ghostbusters as the answer to making "strong female characters" that serve no purpose whatsoever aside from badly written "comedy". Which feels like they're all about political agendas (ex. feminism) rather than being actual Ghostbusters.
Stanley - An... disturbingly fanciful and nauseatingly sappy troll who is extremely childish, sickly sweet, overly saccharine, and way too immature as a protagonist that is rather a menace to the environment.
Darren - An intentionally obnoxious antagonist who serves as the Karma-Houdini for the audience and the titular group to dislike, especially how much he is written out to be a foil to Ginger.
Woody Woodpecker - The famous woodpecker being flanderized into a psychopathic, destructive troublemaker who is pretty unlikeable and unfunny.
Tim Avery - An obnoxiously over-the-top and immensely unfunny protagonist who is meant to be a loser with an awesome side to him, but his "mask" characteristic is just as annoying and unappealing as Tim in his human form.
Fanboy and Chum Chum - A duo of annoying and generic crybaby comic reliefs who frequently stick out their underwear in public, and they were responsible for the downfall of Nickelodeon.
Donald Duck - Our favorite, relatable and likable cartoon duck who has been reduced to being a jerk who redeems himself as after Season 5.
Peppa Pig - The female, British embodiment of Calliou with spoiling and making kids continue to misbehave because of how she treats people pretty badly by acting like a brat and is often being a jerk for no good reason.
Super D (SuperMarioLogan) - An overly egotisical jerk that solely exists to make Mario look bad out of his sheer arrogance, narcissism, pride, lack of empathy for anyone and is full of self-entitlement.
Toad (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!) - The most obnoxious interpretation of Toad who is the Super Show equivalent of Scrappy-Doo from Scooby-Doo (the Lennie Weinrib version), who gradually got more unlikable throughout the show.
Big Tex.png
"Pay attention!"
Gender: Male
Type: Greedy Pig
Species: Boar
Portrayed by: Harry Chaskin
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Buddy Thunderstruck

Tex Arkana Sr (also known as Big Tex Arkana or simply Big Tex) is one of the five antagonists in the Netflix stop-motion series Buddy Thunderstruck. He is the father of Buddy's rival, Tex Jr and owner of the Gold Brick Pawnshop. His plan is to let Buddy lose a truck race and sell Thunderstruck Trucking by thinking up ways to make his son win, even if it means to cheat.


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