Lion-O (ThunderCats Roar)

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Lion-O (ThunderCats Roar)
Lion O.png
"Hey there, everyone! My name's Lion-O!" Uh no, you are not!
Gender: Male
Type: Loathsome, idiotic Cat
Species: Cat Person
Portrayed by: Max Mittelman
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: ThunderCats Roar

Lion-O is the lead protagonist of the 2020 animated series ThunderCats Roar, however was also the protagonist in the 1985 show, and 2011 one as well. But mostly displays his worst qualities in this series.

Why He Sucks

  1. He became a goofy, loudmouth protagonist.
  2. His design looks horrible and ugly, to the point where it looks like a kindergartener drew it. He doesn't even look like a cat.
  3. His voice sounds horrible, which wasted the talents of Max Mittelman.
  4. He spends his time doing stupid things. In the original he was naive because of his rapid aging in his faulty capsule, but he wasn't stupid.
  5. He cries, or complains over stupid things like not being able to open up a jar of cookies in the episode "The Legend Of Boggy Ben".
  6. His expressions are weirdly animated, and mostly consists of the :3 expression.
  7. He is rarely ever seen fighting villains anymore, and is viewed to put most of the action and fighting, and stuff he did in the old show behind.
  8. He is unfunny, mind-numbingly gross, and is also mildly psychotic.
  9. Despite him caring, and loving his friends he rarely helps them when in danger, as evident to how Tygra can be treated at times.
  10. He is completely soft now and won't fight anyone whatever they may do to him, or his friends.
  11. He permanently killed ThunderCats Roar after it was cancelled after one season, as well as the ThunderCats franchise in general.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He does still care for his friends deep down.
  2. He can have some occasional funny moments at times.
  3. He is not always lazy, and does tend to do stuff at times.





2 months ago
Score 3
And I grew up with the first reboot of Thundercats and that was much better


one month ago
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More like Lion-No.


29 days ago
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Yea i know right xD


one month ago
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This isn't the same Lion-o you know all loved for.

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