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Ms. Marvel(Kamala Kahn)

Ms. Marvel is a fictional superhero and the current Ms. Marvel after Carol Danvers. If you want good female superheroes, than this isn't one of them

Why she sucks

  1. She was made just to be a diversity character, the only reason why people seem to like her is because she isn't white.
  2. She has no powers of the original Ms. Marvel.
  • Instead, she has all the powers of Mr. Fantastic, with no difference what-so-ever
  1. She appears way too many cartoons and games
  2. She is being introduced into the MCU before Mr. Fantastic, this would be fine in, say 2017 or something but she's is being introduced *AFTER* Marvel got rights to the Fantastic Four?
  3. She replaced Hawkeye in the Avengers game, although the game is really good, it was still disappointing that she was a character, but Hawkeye is left as DLC.
  4. She can be really annoying. Her only personality traits are "I'm a teenager" and "I'm a huge superhero fan."
  5. Her stories are usually bland and boring, she's only slightly interesting when working with other heroes, like Spider-Man for example

Good qualities

  1. She is an Inhuman, which is a good thing since there aren't enough Inhumans in the Marvel Universe(especially the MCU)
  2. Her friend, "Red Dagger" is a much better character