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This is a list of characters I might plan to add on the wiki. Although, there are some characters that should be forbidden here or moved to a planned wiki for divisive characters

Upcoming Characters

  • OnyxKing (OnyxKing Bloopers) - An SMG4 rip-off who has his stolen personality.
  • MC Hammer Bro (OnyxKing Bloopers) - A rip-off of Fishy Boopkins but sings terrible raps and had an EXTREMELY POOR kill off in his last appearance due to his actor, FoxFraud (who did a terrible job voicing him) not wanting to voice him anymore.
  • Ashley (OnyxKing Bloopers) - A Mean Popular Girl counterpart of her video game version who acts like a jerk towards people. For Example: In Mario in Black and White, she casted a curse on Mario by turning the whole world into a silent film all because he accidentally knocked over her cookies. And then, at the end of the episode, when Mario broke her wand (even though it did caused the world to go back to normal color again), she sended him to another dimension where she summons Yang Xiao Long, who gets revenge on him for stealing Bumblebee at the beginning of the episode, which makes her a complete Karma Houndini.
  • Dave (OnyxKing Bloopers) - A shameful rip-off of Toast Guy but with none of the hilarity that the former once had. Unlike Toast Guy, he has an insane obsession with his Marth Amiibo. He once threatened Mario and OnyxKing to get him another Marth Amiibo after the middle accidentally bump into the former, causing him to drop his Marth Amiibo off a very tall mountain and exploded.
  • Calem the Spider (OnyxKing Bloopers) - A bootleg OC rip-off of Jeff the Spider from "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy".
  • EM64 (OnyxKing Bloopers) - A rip-off of SMG3.
  • Zelus (OnyxKing Bloopers) - An evil rip-off of Meggy (despite being sorta meant to be a Meggy rip-off).
  • Tubby McDonald (OnyxKing Bloopers) - A literal replica of Tubby Wonka from the Retarded64 episode, Mario and the retarded spaghetti factory.
  • Princess Peach (OnyxKing Bloopers) - She could be a Bad Qualities character because her personality (especially in recent years) is similar to SMG4's flanderized counterpart, but at lowered volumes of unlikability and she appears in videos more than SMG4's, but still. She's done lots of unlikable moments that feel like something that the real SMG4 Peach would actually do. With her Stupid Mario Sports Mix rip-off plots where she puts Mario, OnyxKing and the crew through hell as her worst offenders.

Forbidden/Needs To Be Moved To A Wiki For Divisive Characters

  • Various SMG4 OC Characters (SMG4) - Some people like them, but some people hate them for their repetitive overuses of main/major appearances and shoehorned episodes. Especially the female characters. However, they can't have a page on both wikis.
  • Jellystone! characters - Whether they sound, look or act nothing like their old counterparts like Boo Boo and Peter Potamus, or had their genders completely switched such as Jabberjaw, Loopy De Loop, Augie Doggie, Squidly Diddly, Choo-Choo, Brain and Spook, they can still be entertaining while it can their changes can go from confusing to disappointing to many longtime Hanna-Barbera fans.