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Wonder Woman (Regime/Injustice)
Gender: Female
Type: Horrific perversion of an iconic Heroine.
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Susan Eisenberg
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Injustice

Wonder Woman is one of the main characters of the Injustice series by NetherRealm Studios, specifically the regime version of the character, who is an evil and twisted version of the most iconic super heroine ever, who supports regime Superman in his tyrannical and oppressive rule of the world.

Why she is a horrible character.

  1. She is essentially a sociopathic monster who supports tyranny, oppression, and genocide for no actual reason.
  2. Her only motivation in the games is lusting over Superman, while making him far worse like she is a freaking sith lord, which completely goes against Wonder Woman's character.
  3. Making her an irredeemable monster was completely surplus and mean-spirited, as the series is already supposed to be about an evil version of Superman, so making Wonder Woman evil too is really just insulting since they made her evil just for the sake of character shilling Batman, which is completely disrespectful and disgusting.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She is better written in the animated movie adaptation.


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