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    User:Brazilian User/sandbox/Kevin, Bob and Stuart (Minions, 2015)

    Kevin, Bob and Stuart are the main protagonists of the 2015 film Minions. While they're likable in every Despicable Me movie, they've been flanderized to become much more annoying and generic than before.

    They are voiced by Pierre Coffin.

    Kevin, Bob and Stuart
    Gender: Male
    Type: Annoying Minions
    Age: Unknowed
    Species: Minions
    Portrayed by: Pierre Coffin
    Status: Immortal
    Media of origin: Despicable Me (franchise)
    First appearance: Despicable Me
    Last appearance: Minionsː The Rise of Gru

    Bad Qualities

    In General

    1. They were very flanderized due to the fact that Minions can't hold a movie by themselves (something obvious, due to the fact that they are incapable of speaking intelligibly)
      • Kevin became a generic fearless leader, which is a cliché that has been done many times and doesn't make him likable.
      • Stuart became an obnoxious Minion who has little to no personality other than being very fond of music and songs.
      • Bob became a generic tag-along kid (although he still provides plenty of heartwarming, fun, and even great moments in the movie)
    2. Stuart literally wanted to eat Kevin when he thought he was a banana.
    3. The three provide plenty of immature moments, even in an Illumination movie.
      • Perhaps the most infamously cringeworthy moment in the movie is the scene where Stuart hypnotizes three guards to strip down to their underwear and spank each other, all while singing “Hair” in Minionese.
      • When the Minions disguise themselves as a female to sneak into the Tower of London, one of the Minions accidentally grabs the "breasts".
      • One scene involves Stuart walking into a hot tub wearing nothing but a thong, while the camera fixates on his butt
    4. In the first Despicable Me, it is explicit that there is a project for Minion, which implies that Gru and Dr. Nefario created them, but here, it looks like they've existed since the beginning of the story, and Gru found them by chance.
      • This in itself holds unfortunate implications, with a common joke online being that if the Minions hadn’t hidden in Antarctica during the 19th and early 20th centuries, they likely would’ve served Adolf Hitler during World War II.


    1. Despite being prequels to the original Despicable Me trilogy, he was flanderized in Minions, from a innocent, playful, friendly, intelligent, and funny minion to a rude, grumpy, and a slacker who refuses to follow the rules.
    2. He, while he was hungry, attempted to eat Kevin because he thought he was a banana.
    3. He has become less innocent than he was in the first two Despicable Me movies. He also has become very mischievous as he likes to cause trouble, and as said in reason 1, he is a rule breaker, and has no regrets whatsoever.r.
    4. He's probably the nastiest of the three.
    5. He frequently mistakes a fire hydrant for a female Minion, even though all Minions are male or still possibly genderless.
    6. .He's basically a male version of Edith from the first Despicable Me, but without her charm.


    1. He has simply become the generic no-nonsense fearless leader who just wants to take on anything that comes his way
    2. .He's basically a male version of Margo from the first Despicable Me, but without her charm.


    1. He became just a generic tag along kid in the movie.
    2. He looks and acts younger than the other Minions even though Bob is probably the same age as them.
    3. He was king for a short time, and in that time he did little more than play foolishly and immaturely and tease the castle stewards.
    4. .He's basically a male version of Agnes from the first Despicable Me, but without her charm.

    Banana Qualities

    1. They was way more likable in Despicable Me trilogy, as well as in Minions: The Rise of Gru.
    2. Their design is still good
    3. Pierre Coffin does a decent job voicing them.
    4. They are still one of the most iconic and beloved cartoon and movie characters in the world.
    5. "Hello papagéna, tu le belle comme lé papaja.
    6. Bob, despite not having much of a personality, is an entertaining character who has plenty of cute, funny and even heartwarming moments throughout the movie.
    7. Some say they are still likable despite their flaws.
    8. "KING BOB!"



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