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    Example Page (Pogostick Man from Happy Wheels)

    Pogostick Man is a character from Happy Wheels. He is the ninth character added in the game and rides on a pogostick to jump.

    Why He Sucks

    1. His voice might sound funny at first, but then it gets extremely annoying, especially due to the fact that his voices and screams are loud and very long. Even though Helicopter Man has long sounds, they are less annoying due to not being as loud as Pogostick Man.
    2. Overused character. In fact there is so many levels that forces him in a way that you can consider him more used than Segway Guy, which released 2 years earlier before him!
    3. Most of the levels that he is featured in are also uncreative, mostly being pogo jumps or pogo fights with basic shapes that takes little time to make.
    4. While most Happy Wheels characters lack a true personality, he is probably one of the few that doesn't have notability or any real info within the game creator Jim, besides the fact he is Asian.
    5. Slow character, meaning most if not all of his levels takes a long time to complete if he is forced.
    6. Helicopter Man is usually more superior than him, as Helicopter Man is faster and can actually fly throughout the entire level, unlike Pogostick Man who can only jump with a certain limit. Any pogo level that doesn't have a forced character can easily be won faster using Helicopter Man.
      • In a few other cases Wheelchair Guy can also be more superior than him, as Wheelchair Guy can use the jet to fly in the same manner as Helicopter Man.
    7. He is worse on mobile, being a very hard to control character on top of that. Alongside, there is no levels revolved around him; he's only a filler character in levels where there is no forced character and in the level editor.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He was made to promote UberHaxNova, a YouTuber who voiced this character.
    2. When on his pogostick, he is more durable than other characters.
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