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"You fucked up my face!"

Mitchell Shephard

Mitchell Shephard was the protagonist of the fan game called Hunt Down the Freeman, a game that was notorious for having a weak plot, poorly written dialogue, numerous glitches, generic gameplay and a rushed game development.

Why he cannot Hunt Down the Freeman

  1. He is portrayed as a whiny, edgy, selfish, stereotypical and an unlikable jerk.
  2. He is shown as a brother of a protagonist of Half-Life: Opposing Force called Adrian Shephard. However, he does not really mention him if so care about him throughout the entire game. He never bothers to find out what happened to him.
  3. Apparently, in his youth, he was drunk at some point in his life before somehow, joining the Marine Corps with zero repercussions. In real life, people who have a history of addiction and/or a criminal record should not be allowed to join the Defence Forces.
  4. His existence creates plot holes. One of which is why the G-man never even mentioned him at all in the baze game.
  5. He often uses violence against the people he tries to interrogate about the location of Gordon Freeman, especially the Resistance.
  6. His voice actor, Mick "Ricepirate" Lauer did not do a great job voicing him.

Redeeming qualities

  1. At least his voice acting has improved over the horrendous voice acting in the 2016 demo version of Hunt Down the Freeman.
  2. He at least cares about the crew in the Avalon Vale.