Upside Hammer (Battle for Devin the Youtuber)

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Upside Hammer (previously known as Upside Down Hammer) is a male contestant from a now-cancelled Object Show called Battle for Devin the Youtuber

Why He Sucks

  1. He barely gets any screentime and he is un-needed from the cast, in fact it feels like he is cut off from the show.
  2. His voice actor (known as Devin the Youtuber himself) did a terrible job at voicing him.
  3. He is extremely poorly written and most likely a boring character compared to every character from the show.
  4. He is another filler type character in a show like this one.
  5. Like most Object show characters, he is forgettable and doesn't have a simple backstory.
  6. He lacks good qualities.
  7. In the earlier episodes, his design was stolen from Google. But in the previous episodes his design is chucky, hammy and made with Powerpoint.
  8. He absolutely has no personality.


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