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Troy Adams is a recurring antagonist of Image Comics' Firebreather along with the animated movie as the secondary antagonist. He is introduced as the bully of Duncan Rosenblatt, also known as Firebreather.

Why He Sucks:

  1. He's a rip off of Flash Thompson from the Spider-Man Comics.
  2. He treats Duncan Rosenblatt as something not special, along with like a rabbit and a frog because of him being a freak due to his Kaiju appearance.
  3. He barely has character development and personality.
  4. In the comics, He framed Duncan into putting a gun on his locker and is proud of it, but never gets punished.
  5. In the movie, He tried to chase Duncan as revenge for beating them at dodgeball and was the one that caused him to breathe fire on Troy.
  6. Since he is Jenna Shwartzendruber's boyfriend, Troy often stole her money for no reason.
  7. He has no redeeming qualities.
  8. Despite being unlikeable, Troy gets a lot of screentime.
  9. After Kenny yelled at Duncan about their friend, Isabel only liking him because of being the son of the kaiju, Belloc, this left Jenna to overhear it and backing away from Duncan into Troy's arms and he's proud of it.
  10. He is downright ruthless and more arrogant than Flash Thompson.
  11. He only existed to give Duncan some dramatic tension throughout the series.
  12. He thinks he is not a racist about Duncan's disease.
  13. He also has an abusive father, who is also a rip off of Flash Thompson's father, Harrison. In the movie version, Troy gets grounded from him after he confronted Duncan and Jenna at a party.

The Only Redeeming Quality:

  1. He does leave Duncan alone for quite a while.


  • In the comics, Troy's hair was blond, which the animated movie was brown.