Trina Riffin

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Trina Riffin
Trina Riffin.jpeg
"I'm your new leader now. A leader with like, a hundred rules, and a gorjillion punishments!"
Gender: Female
Type: Mean Girl with Extreme Anger Issues
Age: 16
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Alyson Court
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Grojband

Katrina "Trina" Riffin is the main antagonist of the Canadian TV series Grojband. She is the cruel and self-absored 16-year-old sister of Corey Riffin who is determined to make Corey's life miserable, ruin Grojband's gigs and date the neighborhood boy, Nick Mallory (her crush).

She was voiced by Alyson Court.

Why She Intentionally Sucks

  1. For starters, she is mean-spirited, annoying, extremely bad tempered and has little to no redeeming qualities.
  2. Her reasons for hating Corey and Grojband are very unjustified, which makes her hatred even more pathetic.
  3. She is incredibly mean to almost everybody around her and abuses people when things don't go her way.
  4. She is also cruel around her "best friend", Mima Beff and treats her like complete garbage since she considers her a mere henchwoman, rather than a friend that helps her out in her evil schemes.
  5. Character Derailment: In that wasn't bad enough, she becomes increasingly more evil and sociopathic in the later episodes.
  6. Unlike most of the chacters in the show, her design in quite mediocre due to having very bright pink hair and her hips looks weirdly a big large for some reason.
  7. Her voice (while decent for the most part) can be annoying at times and grating at worst, especially when she screams.
  8. She has tons of unlikable moments, such as:
    • Making Mina dump some toxic waste down the sewer pipes so that she could kill them just so that she wouldn't have to listen to their music in "Monster of Rock".
    • Demanding Mina to stop making her heart beat jus so sheb could only hear her and Nick's heart beating while trapped in a broken elevator in "Love in a Nethervator".
    • Becoming the mayor of Peaceville and made everyone her slaves in "The Bandidate".
    • Abusing a sick dog named Snarffles and teaming up with an evil cat named Wheeliento build a laser drill which she wielded around the garage and attempting to kill Grojband and Snarffles in "The Snuffles with Snarffles".
    • She was at her absolute worst in "Hear Us Rock" by teaming up with G'ORB as they planned a betrayal on Grojband to make herself and Nick the only two living Earthling organisms in the universe while she watched the entire world get destroyed and for everyone else including Mina and Grojband to die just so that she could sit back and laugh while she dated Nick Mallory. Thankfully she got her comeuppance by Mina as she stands up to her afterwards.
  9. She has an obsessive crush on Nick Mallory to point she's an absolute simp for him.
  10. Since she appears in every episode of the show, we have to put up with her in every episode.
  11. Overall, she counts as a Mean popular girl due to all these qualities mentioned above.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The scenes where she goes into Diary Mode are quite entertaining to watch.
  2. Since she always loses to Grojband at the end of each episode and sometimes gets comeuppance for her actions, it can be argued she's not a Karma Houdini in the slightest.
  3. Depsite how annoying her voice can be at times, Alyson Court did a good job voicing her.
  4. Given the she's the main antagonist of the show, it's likely that she was meant to hated due to how cruel and despicable she is.
  5. It's subtly implied that she wasn't always this and was once a sweet girl as one episode reveals that she locked away her old self (known as "Katrina") away in her mind and turned evil.


  1. She is named after the late Canadian musician Trina Crewe.
  2. Trina does not remember her diary modes.
  3. Trina has two of her allergies revealed:
    • She is revealed to be allergic to bread crust in "Kon-Fusion".
    • She is revealed to be allergic to bubbles in "Pop Goes the Bubble".


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