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    Trevor Troublemeyer
    He lives up to his last name...
    Gender: Male
    Type: Annoying and Cruel "Best Friend" to Eric
    Age: 13
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Christian Potenza
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sidekick

    Trevor Troublemeyer is the main deuteragonist of the Canadian animated series Sidekick, as well as The Not-So-Superheroic Adventures of Sidekick shorts that aired as part of the 2005 TV series Funpak. He is Eric Needles' so-called "best friend" and partner-in-shenanigans and can always rope him into all sorts of hijinks. He's also the son of Martin Troublemeyer and was voiced by Christian Potenza.


    Trevor isn't the brightest out of all of his friends, although he has had some bright moments. Trevor, having a bloodline of evil, likes destruction and mayhem, like his father's alter-ego, and usually goes on an evil rampage either sometimes or when needed.

    Due to having no brain as revealed in "Gone Gaga", Trevor has the lowest intelligence as he wanted to touch numerous gadgets within the Mansion, including poop. In "Ice to Know You", he believed that the weather-changing machine could cook hot dogs, though Eric debunked this.

    Why He's Nothing but Trouble

    1. He refuses to handle criticism and take responsibility for his actions.
      • He doesn't even get punished for his actions either, making him an absolute Karma Houdini. What's even worse is that he was made to be a Karma Houdini on purpose. Not even Jake Spidermonkey would be this unlikable.
    2. He's unaware that Master XOX is his father, believing that they're two completely different people. That's very common in pieces of media, as not wanting to reveal your secret identity is understandable. But shouldn't at least ONE person know?
    3. He's your generic frat boy without almost any personality whatsoever.
    4. He is a horrible best friend to Eric. Much like WH'sNbT #1, he refuses to take responsibility for his actions and just frames it all on Eric, and everybody believes him, as evident in episodes like "This Hour Has 22 Million Minutes", "Super Frienemies", and "Teacher's Pet".
    5. He never did anything useful in the episode "Trevor the Hero"; yet people praise him just because he's not Eric.
    6. A lot of times, he's a real jerk to his father Martin, not wanting to spend some father-son time with him.
    7. He provides tons of gross-out humor, such as farting. Almost any scene that involves him has gross-out humor.
    8. He also comes off as an Idiot Houdini as he is purposefully an idiot without any sort of explanation whatsoever and almost isn't even funny in the slightest.
    9. If he's the son of Master XOX and finds villains "wicked", then why does he need to go to a school for Superhero Sidekicks?
    10. His worst moment was in “Graduation Daze” where he, Vana, and Kitty beat up Eric for accidentally using his heat vision on the students' diplomas.
    11. In "Ice to Know You", he believed that the weather-changing machine could cook hot dogs, which is completely false. This shows that Trevor can be very dumb.
      • Eric did debunk this, however.

    Qualities That Aren't Trouble

    1. His voice actor, Christian Potenza, did a passable job voicing him.
    2. His design is pretty good.
    3. He was a bit more tolerable in the Funpak shorts, but even then, he wasn't that interesting.


    • His last name, "Troublemeyer", is a pun on the word "troublemaker". This is a reference to him being the son of a supervillain.
    • His voice actor, Christian Potenza, also voices characters such as Chris McLean from the Total Drama franchise and Jude Lizowski from 6teen.
    • Trevor is the only sidekick to live in the evil side of town.
    • His middle name is Trouble.
    • It is unknown why XOX sent Trevor to the Sidekick Academy. Possibly, it would've been to destroy it.
    • In the episodes "The Spark is Gone" and "Pamp My Ride", he's shown to have blue eyes.
    • For some reason, in "Stupor-ize Me", he fears and despises the word "work".
    • He doesn't know that his dad, Mr. Troublemeyer, is the supervillain Master XOX.
    • In "Four's a Crowd", Trevor claimed he had never noticed a laboratory in his house before, yet in "Maxum Mom", he asked his dad if he could borrow the lawnmower to get some snacks while he was in the lab.
    • Due to his evil bloodline, he always has a plan to destroy the school.
    • Trevor had dressed up like XOX four times in the series.
      • In "Like Supervillain, Like Son" he dressed in a suit like XOX when he teamed up with him.
      • In "Halloweenie" he dressed as half XOX and half Maxum Man for his costume.
      • In "Four's a Crowd" he "borrowed" one of XOX's suits and his powers to be a supervillain.
      • In "The Spark is Gone", Trevor wins the award of "Seventh Best Doofus".
    • It has been hinted many times in the series that he is evil, but he has shown to also be good. He might be both, depending on the situation.
    • Trevor seems to be both a fan of Maxum Man and Master XOX, but it was never shown who he likes more.
    • Trevor is now a member of the Cranials, a group of supervillains in the episode "Insane in the Cranial".
    • Trevor has had a habit of continuously accidentally hampering Eric in his approach operations to Vana. When Eric manages to snatch an invitation from Vana for a movie, Trevor unwittingly pushes him, ending up with Vana hitting the garbage can and sending her into a rage; when Eric is about to kiss her for a script, Trevor sends down the hatch on top of which the girl was, making her fall below.
    • According to some fans, Trevor is 14. However, according to Todd Kauffman, he is 13.


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