Trevor Goodman (RandomMarioDude 2004 Unleashed)

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Trevor Goodman
Trevor Goodman.png
"You think you're smart enough to do whatever you want? Then you're purely mistaken. And it will cost you your life"
Gender: Male
Type: Former antagonist turned complete idiot who suffered a rushed half-baked redemption
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: RandomMarioDude 2004 Unleashed

Trevor Goodman is a character who formerly worked at Taco Bell, and the former main antagonist turned forgotten protagonist of RandomMarioDude 2004 Unleashed's channel. After his negative appearance in The Ultimate Revenge of the Troublemakers, he has suffered a forced and rushed half-baked redemption

Bad Qualities

  1. To start off the list, he was FORMERLY a generic "I'm gonna cause trouble because I'm evil" villain, which is really bland
  2. Although Ethan Johnson's backstory may be an excuse, Trevor HIMSELF is considered the fraud. He literally PUSHED Ethan Johnson toward a fire drill, falsely tattled on Ethan Johnson, AND became the reason why Ethan Johnson became the villain he is right now. Sure, Ethan Johnson MAY be a likable villain, but that doesn't excuse it
  3. He has suffered a half-baked redemption with NO real explanation whatsoever. This confuses the fans into thinking Trevor was being the hero THIS WHOLE TIME. To add insult to the injury, this redemption came off as RUSHED
  4. His infamous quote, "You think you're smart enough to do whatever you want? Then you're purely mistaken. And it will cost you your life", is inaccurate, cheesy, and hypocritical, considering that Trevor was the one bossing people around in 5th Grade, AND bullying Ethan Johnson at NO end, until College
  5. His FORMER name was inaccurate, considering that he was white, had the name "Tyrone", AND considering that "Tyrone" was the name for black males. For all we know, this could make Redstone seem racist sometimes.
  6. His relationship with Madison Jones is really random and forced
  7. His design, while not TOO bad, looks sort of rushed, and it also looks generic, considering how bad Gacha Life is. This may explain some of the design problems.
    • This is especially embarrassing, since Ethan Johnson was originally made with Gacha Life, yet HE still remained a likable character
  8. While not in a video, He once rushed a customer's order at Taco Bell. No wonder why he got fired
  9. There are times when his character arc falls flat, such as, his rushed redemption, AND where he appears as filler in some videos
  10. He can be quite a show-off at times
  11. His return was off to a HORRIBLE start, considering how MEAN-SPIRITED Bluestone's Unlucky Birthday Predicament is. He ended up becoming even MORE of a cruel show-off than before

Good Qualities

  1. At least he DID learn his lesson after he got fired from Taco Bell
  2. He may have been getting his comeuppance every now and then, up until The Ultimate Revenge of the Troublemakers
  3. At least he wasn't TOO much of a bully in kindergarten
  4. At least he isn't TOO egotistical, unlike Katsuki Bakugo
  5. Despite his design being rushed, it is at least decent to look at
  6. It's nice to see him return in Bluestone's Unlucky Birthday Predicament, where his redemption would ACTUALLY mean something in the future, despite how BAD Bluestone's Unlucky Birthday Predicament TRULY is
  7. His character DOES seem to improve a bit. He has gone from an idiotic Taco Bell worker to a handsome hip-hop hero. Therefore, he received a POSITIVE flanderization. This was because of his half-baked redemption



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