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    Trevor Denver Staggs
    Who thought making the Male CAW a dumb character is a great idea?
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dumb Superstar, who doesn't take WWE seriously
    Age: Young Adult
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Bret Green
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: WWE 2K20
    First appearance: WWE

    Trevor Denver Staggs (whose name is commonly referred to as Tre) is the Male Protagonist of WWE 2K20's MyCareer mode.

    He is best friends with Red, and is voiced by Bret Green.

    Why He Is Not A WWE Superstar

    1. The idea of making the Male Superstar, a dumb character while making the Female Superstar a better character, is considered to be sexist as the game treats the Female superstar as the more successful character.
    2. Bret Green does a poor job voicing him, as he sounds like a teenager rather than an adult and his singing is terrible.
    3. He is extremely dumb, as he left his phone with the code inside of the safe where Red's list is in and it results him into not knowing the combination of the safe.
    4. He disobeys his parents and instead goes to WWE training rather than going to college like his parents wanted to. This results in the car being remotely disabled by his parents, and it forces Tre to buy a used car.
    5. Unlike Red who is more confident with WWE, Tre is very unconfident and instead wants other things to happen besides WWE, hence the list items he made.
    6. He writes dumb things that have nothing to do with WWE on his friend Red's list, such as getting an action figure of himself, winning in a dance off, being in a cry-baby match (which referenced a match where Razor Ramon fought 1-2-3 Kid), being in an action movie, and being in a video game. Some of these things would end up backfiring on him, as some of them are the opposite of what Tre wanted it to be.
      • When Red instead gets the action figure, he is not happy and gets upset at Red.
      • Tre loses the cry-baby match, and it results in him being blinded by the baby powder.
      • Tre loses the dance off with Ribbie.
    7. When he gets a Raw contract by Randy Orton, and when Orton leaves the room. Tre terribly sings about getting the contract, in which is terribly sung to the point that Orton goes back in the locker room after forgetting his phone noticing his singing and saying "You're the worst", and then before Orton fully leaves the room, Tre goes back to his terrible singing before being stopped again by Orton.
    8. During the training with Reilly Flash, he tags in with Red and celebrates like he won the training match, and then it results him being into a submission hold in which fails to break losing the training match.
    9. The infamous dance off moment when he is challenging Ribbie in a dance off, where he makes a terrible dance and then he twerks.
    10. He stole the championship belt from Samoa Joe, and unfairly wins it as well. Additionally he runs away, and gets into a car and drives off resulting in the belt to be stolen. In real life, Tre would receive a criminal charge for theft for stealing property.
    11. Sometimes, he can be considered to be a butt-monkey as he gets kicked in the balls by Ribbie if Tre wins against Jerry Lawler, unfairly winning the championship belt by Samoa Joe's interruption (however he somewhat deserves it for interrupting Samoa's promo and then unfairly winning it), and also getting bullied by Brooklyn Von Braun.
    12. He also blindly trusts Brooklyn Von Braun during the later-half of the story, despite Red and Tre being bullied by her in the past during High School. This later backfires in which Brooklyn Von Braun actually told Samoa Joe about the "secret move" and Tre loses the championship.
    13. Despite later realizing that Red lied about his parents still being alive and hiding it this entire time, Tre somehow forgives Red very quickly and is still friends with her. Even though Red intentionally lied to him about his parents being alive for years, just so he wouldn't feel bad about his parents being dead. Additionally it would take some time before someone will forgive the person.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He does have some unintentionally funny moments such as his when his tongue gets stuck, the dance-off with Ribbie, etc.
    2. Tre finally does realize that Red has forged things and lied to him about his parents being alive, and leaves Red behind during the WWE hall of fame speech. However Tre would still be friends with Red after he was saved by her during the speech when he gets put into a submission hold by Samoa Joe randomly.
    3. Tre does make points to Red about her anger issues, in which he stopped Red from attempting to hit Brooklyn Von Braun with a wrench while at the BCW arena.
    4. Thankfully, all the other WWE 2K MyPlayers (Except for The Lock) are better than he is.
    5. He is not as bad as his friend Red.
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