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Travis may refer to:

  • Travis Bell, a character in Killer7
  • Travis Bickle, protagonist of the 1976 film Taxi Driver
  • Travis Coates, a character in the novel Old Yeller and its Disney film adaptation
  • Travis Fields, the protagonist of Oddity
  • Travis Harris, protagonist of the novel Taming the Star Runner by S.E. Hilton
  • Travis Henderson, protagonist of the film Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders
  • Travis Maddox, protagonist of the film Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
  • Travis Mayweather, a character in the American television series Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Travis McGee, a character created by John D. MacDonald
  • Travis Nash, a character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away
  • Travis Strong, one of the main characters from the Canadian TV series Radio Free Roscoe
  • Travis Touchdown, the main character in the No More Heroes series
  • Travis (nicknamed Trip), a character in Façade
  • Travis, a character in Blake's 7
  • Travis, a character from the British children's series Bob the Builder