Tow Mater (Cars 2)

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Tow Mater
"Mater, Tow Mater, Is NOT here to help ya"
Gender: Male
Type: Dim-witted Jerk
Age: 54
Species: 1957 Haulital Hook'em
Portrayed by: Larry the Cable Guy
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Cars

Tow Mater (more commonly known as Mater) is an anthropomorphic tow truck who first appeared in the 7th Pixar film Cars. He, unfortunately, was flanderized after he became the protagonist of the twelfth Pixar film, Cars 2.

Bad Qualities

  1. If this movie showed us anything, is that Mater still has some development to do if he wants to be a good main protagonist. Yes, as Lightning McQueen's best friend, he certainly deserved more screen time and participation, but that's a bit too overkill.
  2. He went from being the Dory to McQueen's Marlin to a clueless tow truck who constantly embarrasses and sometimes even hinders Lightning because of it.
  3. He gets overly excited when seeing Lightning return, which wouldn't be a problem if he didn't keep bonking Otis into the road. (That said, this scene arguably seems kind of funny.)
  4. He can be seen disturbing other vehicles such as trains, dump trucks, etc. in Radiator Springs at the beginning of the film.
  5. He also wants to befriend foreign cars just because he saw them on TV, and he is excited to see them in person to the point it gets annoying really quick.
  6. He even made McQueen lose the Tokyo race. However, despite this, it was truly an accident.
  7. Mater became more of a dimwit than he was, but not in a good way unlike how he was in Cars and Cars 3.
  8. He can be pretty indecent and ignorant, as seen in the scene where he leaves the bathroom and immediately "farts" right in front of Holley.
    • But to be fair, he didn't really see her, so it can be considered an accident.
  9. His personality is inconsistent throughout the movie: some scenes show him being smart and providing Finn and Holley with useful info, but it backtracks sometimes to show him doing dumb things, like interrupting the traffic in Paris and making fun of the royal guard in London.

Good Qualities

  1. He redeems himself in Cars 3 at the expense of not being nearly as involved in the plot, and also gives the support McQueen needs whenever he feels down.
  2. Some funny scenes were involving him, like the said scene as said in BQ #4, him going into the girls' bathroom, mistaken wasabi for pistachio ice cream (especially with the "Whatever you do, do NOT EAT, the free pistachio ice cream! It has turned." line) and almost gave away Alexander Hugo's identity.
  3. He did a nice job as a spy, figuring out that Miles Axlerod was behind the alternative fuel conspiracy.
  4. He does live up to his first line in the movie: "Mater, Tow Mater, Is HERE to help ya", since he actually helped Otis, Finn, Holley and Lightning (the latter three at the final moments of the film).
  5. The scene where he has hallucinations may have made some fans feel sympathetic at him, despite being hard to be taken seriously.
  6. He's aware of his mishaps.
  7. Larry the Cable Guy still gives a good performance.
  8. Despite never being mentioned prior to Cars 2, his knowledge about lemon cars is in character, since he runs a car salvage business.
  9. Additionally, he can be still likable in the film sometimes.


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