Tori Vega (Victorious)

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Do not remove this character from the category "Average Characters" or change the headings from "Bad Qualities" to "Why She Sucks" and "Good Qualities" to "Redeeming Qualities" as in spite of this character being bad, she is still likable for the most part. Anyone who persists will be dealt with.

Tori Vega (Victorious)
Gender: Female
Type: The wannabe star
Age: 16-17
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Victoria Justice
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Victorious

Tori Vega is the main character in Victorious. Unfortunately, her character was badly scripted due to her not being the most talented of the group. In fact, most regard her as virtually untalented. (This does not apply to the actress who played her)

Bad Qualities

  1. She takes advantage of students of lower status.
  2. She is extremely self-absorbed.
    • For example, she steals Andre's song and then offers to share credit with him, even though it wasn't hers in the first place.
  3. She often whines about things being too hard and expects everything to fall right in her lap. In The Bird Scene she even tries to cheat so that she can be in plays by taking advantage of her friends.
  4. She basically ruined the ending of The Great Ping Pong Scam with her usual "saving the day by singing".
  5. She kissed two of her friends' boyfriends in front of them (Albeit one of them was on impulse).
  6. She and Jade always do illegal things, but they almost never get consequences.
    • In one episode, Tori breaks into a store, opens tubs of ice cream without paying for them, and then makes a mess with the ice cream she opened. In the end, she receives no consequences.
    • In WokStar, She and Jade thought it was okay to hang a little girl from the ceiling just because her mother was apparently ruining the play.
    • She and Jade practically destroy a man's car just for a reality show.
    • When she and her friends were thrown in prison for something that was obviously their fault, Tori and the rest of the group escape from prison with their usual method of singing and dancing their way out of a problem.
  7. Suprisingly, unlike Jade where she would often get at least small consequences for bullying and harassing her friends, Tori would sometimes get away with bullying her friends with no consequences, because she was portrayed as a "nice girl"
  8. She freaks out about auditions and roles and then receives them all, as if she is so tremendously talented.
  9. She gets more vocals than Cat, Jade, Robbie, Andre, and especially Beck.
    • The irony is that whenever she would be part of a duet, she always gets overshadowed by the other singer.
  10. She makes it look easy to break into show business when it really isn't. Things just came easy for her.
  11. She and Cat had horrible chemistry, depending on what you think.
    • In "Jade Gets Crushed" she agrees with Andre to not choose Cat for his song, rather than reminding him that Cat is equal to the group. Ok, so Cat is stupid, but since when is she untalented?
    • She is seen taking the spotlight away from Cat a lot.
  12. There are times where she would flat-out put her top priority over those of her best friends.
    • The best example of this is in the episode "Prom Wrecker", where she cancels a play that Jade is producing (which was a big deal to her) for a prom, and proceeding to get mad at Jade for it. It gets to a point where Jade's actions in the episode are almost justifiable.
    • And again, that ridiculous moment where she simply decided she could share Andre's song and used it to get a record deal.
  13. She was pretty unlikable in "Brain Squeezers" along with Jade.
    • She just had to be a huge bragger and acted as if being on brain squeezers made her "soo special" (no wonder Jade took her identity and got on the game show with her. But you're not off the hook, Jade.)
  14. Hypocrisy: When her friends ask her to help them, she groans and walks away, but expects everyone to help her as soon as she asks them.
    • In 1,000 Berry Balls, when Cat begs her to help her, she ignores her tells her to go ask Jade. What if she was dying? (real great friend there, Tori!)
    • In Begging on Your Knees, she forces Andre to write her a song, and doesn't care that it's his Grandfather's birthday. (again, real great friend!)
  15. Even with her unlikable persona aside, she can be surprisingly boring at times, since compared to other characters in the show, with Robbie being an awkward doofus and Cat being an aloof airhead, she has very little to help her stand out. This is a major problem since the entire show is meant to be about her.

Good Qualities

  1. She still isn't without her likeable moments.
  2. She still has some talent, as Trina does admit to her younger sister that she is a really good and better singer than her in the Pilot.
  3. She is more tolerable in the 3rd season of Victorious, making her decently likable as a result.
  4. Even when she learns that Jade faked being hurt by her and landing Tori in detention, she actually chooses not to confess the truth and accepts the punishment for something she didn't even do.
  5. She never shows up in Sam and Cat or any other Nick shows. Her actress does get a role in "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf":
  6. She never ends up with Beck, even when they were about to kiss in Tori Goes Platinum, Tori decides not to, not wanting to hurt Jade, causing Jade to see Tori as a good friend, at times, and Tori was happy when Jade and Beck got back together in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade.
  7. Jade and Tori do get karma, (once in a blue moon) like when they had to walk Festus home after destroying his car for The Wood.
  8. Her singing voice is pretty beautiful and it's fun to some people when she was singing at and that's what Victoria Justice sings.
  9. The sister relationship between her and Trina is good, with her more sensible and down to earth personality playing off of Trina's narcissistic, rude, and desperate for fame attitude.
  10. In "Beck's big Break", she inadvertently gets Beck fired from a movie just for correcting the lead actress and being Beck's friend. However, she manages to get Beck his part back by accidently getting the lead actress injured and replaced.


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