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    Tori Vega
    *finds out she's on this wiki*
    Gender: Female
    Type: Self-Centered Wannabe Star
    Age: 16-17
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Victoria Justice
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Victorious
    First appearance: Pilot
    Last appearance: Victori-Yes


    Tori Vega, Victorious on the delete template

    Victoria "Tori" Vega (born either 1993 or 1994), better known as Tori Vega, is the main protagonist of the 2010-2013 live-action Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. She is a teenage girl who gets transferred from Sherwood High School to Hollywood Arts, a performing arts school (the show's main setting). During her time at Hollywood Arts, she forms a rivalry with Jade West but stops being rivals with her later on. She is also the younger sister of Trina Vega. She is portrayed by Victoria Justice.


    Tori is an aspiring singer who loves to sing and has a great voice. She is known to be a nice person despite her selfishness and hypocrisy. She loves her family and friends very much.

    Bad Qualities

    1. To start things off, the way Tori's written is all over the place. While she's a nice girl who cares about her friends and her family, she sometimes acts self-absorbed and rude towards them.
      • She tends to sometimes care just about herself and no one else, although not to the extent of her sister Trina. For example, in "The Bad Roommate", she steals André's song and then offers to share credit with him, even though it wasn't hers in the first place.
      • On that topic, she frequently takes advantage of students of lower status, especially Robbie and Sinjin.
    2. She often complains about things being too hard and expects everything to fall right into her lap. This is especially notable in "The Bird Scene", where she tries to cheat so that she can be in plays by taking advantage of her friends.
    3. Her humor, for the most part, is very poor and falls flat. It often relies on adult humor and sexual jokes:
      • She provides so many foot fetish jokes (likely due to Dan Schneider). She has the most foot scenes out of the entire cast. This is utterly gross to watch and is also disturbing.
        • In one video for TheSlap, she gets ketchup poured onto her bare feet.
    4. Her voice, while good for the most part, can get loud and irritating at times whenever she yells or screams. It doesn't help that she has a high-pitched voice.
    5. She does plenty of weird, disturbing, and inappropriate things that are absolutely out of place on a Nickelodeon kids' show:
      • In "Freak the Freak Out", during her song and dance number, she exaggeratedly lusts over her older sister Trina, including lying over her waist and sitting in her frontal area, which is an incest reference. Sounds familiar?
      • In several of her song and dance numbers, she takes on a very attractive appearance, complete with wearing a very revealing outfit that exposes much of her cleavage, especially her midriff and legs. Worse, she dances and sings in a very sexual manner, which becomes uncomfortable to watch. For example, during her song "TBA", she wears.
      • She also provides plenty of other sexually suggestive scenes, usually by hint. Even though they're supposed to be funny and entertaining, they instead come off as creepy, uncomfortable, and inappropriate, especially because Tori tends to act like a pervert.
        • An example of this is her sitting on Cat for an extended time and spanking her (which Cat seems to enjoy as a masochist would), then later Jade joins her in sitting on Cat.
        • Another good example is the episode "Tori and Jade's Play Date", where Tori rubs her face against Jade's breasts twice while playing as Jade's husband.
        • In the episode "The Great Ping-Pong Scam", she comes back to the table and says to Jade, "Take off your dress." Not "I need to borrow your dress." just, "Take off your dress." Jade didn't immediately say no to this, either.
        • In "The Birthweek Gospel", she pulls a flash drive out of her breasts.
      • Granted, while some of Dan Schneider's other female characters (including Zoey Brooks, Carly Shay, Cat Valentine, and Jade West) have done some inappropriate stuff in a kids' show, they never went this far and their inappropriate moments were relatively few compared to Tori, who, by contrast, has plenty of inappropriate and sexual moments focusing on her.
    6. Speaking of "The Great Ping-Pong Scam", she ruined the ending of that episode with her usual "saving the day by singing".
    7. She can be very unintelligent at times. For instance, she kissed two of her friends' boyfriends in front of them (one of which was on impulse).
    8. Tori often does illegal things, which is more obvious whenever she's paired with Jade. She doesn't even get punished for her behavior most of the time, making her a Karma Houdini. For instance:
      • In one episode, Tori breaks into a store, opens tubs of ice cream without paying for them, and then makes a mess with the ice cream she opened. In the end, she gets off scot-free.
      • In "WokStar", she and Jade think it's okay to hang a little girl from the ceiling just because her mother is apparently ruining the play.
      • In another episode, she and Jade destroy a man's car just for a reality show.
      • In "Locked Up!", when she and her friends were thrown in prison for something that was their fault, Tori and the rest of the group escaped from prison with their usual method of singing and dancing their way out of a problem.
    9. She freaks out about auditions and roles and receives them all as if she is tremendously talented.
    10. She gets more vocals than Cat, Jade, Robbie, André, and especially Beck, though this could likely be justified since she's the main protagonist.
      • The irony is that whenever she would be part of a duet, she always gets overshadowed by the other singer.
    11. She makes it look easy to break into show business when it isn't. Things just come easy for her.
    12. Her chemistry with Jade may be decent for the most part, but her chemistry with Cat is terrible, depending on what you think. She steals the spotlight from Cat most of the time, and their chemistry only worsened in the third season when Cat was flanderized.
      • In "Jade Gets Crushed", she agrees with André to not choose Cat for his song, rather than reminding him that Cat is equal to the group. Granted, Cat may have been dumb, but since when is she untalented?
    13. There are times when she would flat-out put her top priority over those of her best friends, or even steal their thunder.
      • The best example of this is in the episode "Prom Wrecker", where she cancels a play that Jade is producing (which she knew was a big deal to her) for a prom and proceeds to get mad at Jade for it. It gets to a point where you can consider Jade's actions in the episode entirely justifiable.
      • In the episode "The Hambone King", she takes over a hambone competition in Robbie’s place, but when she wins, she gladly takes his glory without any thought of Robbie while he’s left writhing on the floor.
      • In the episode "A Film by Dale Squires", she locks her sister Trina in a bathroom. The reason behind this was never explained in the episode, but the reason is most likely because she thinks Trina will "ruin" the production of the film. While it's understandable that Trina can be annoying and ruin things, locking her out is just plain cruel.
      • And again, that ridiculous moment where she simply decided she could share André's song and used it to get a record deal.
    14. She has had many unlikable moments throughout the series, and she was especially unlikable in "Brain Squeezers".
      • She just had to be a huge bragger and acted as if being on Brain Squeezers made her "so special" (no wonder Jade took her identity and got on the game show with her... though that doesn’t get Jade off the hook.)
      • Also, during the entire game show, she had her teammates answer all her team's questions while doing almost nothing herself the whole time. This allowed her to avoid getting Doinked.
    15. Hypocrisy: When her friends ask her to help them, she groans and walks away, but expects everyone to help her as soon as she asks them.
      • In "1,000 Berry Balls", when Cat begs her to help her, she ignores her and tells her to go ask Jade. What if she was dying? (a great friend there, Tori!)
      • In "Begging on Your Knees", she forces André to write her a song and doesn't care that it's his grandfather's birthday. (again, really great friend!)
    16. Even taking out her unlikable tendencies, she's just plain boring and doesn't have that interesting a personality, especially compared to the other characters like seasons 1 & 2 Cat (the lovable ditz), Robbie (the dorky nerd), Andre (the suave performer), Beck (the handsome friendly guy), season 1 Jade (the jerk with a heart of gold), or even Trina (the wannabe who tries too hard).

    Victorious Qualities

    1. She's not without her likable moments, with one particular example being in "Tori & Jade's Play Date”.
    2. Victoria Justice does a good job portraying her for the most part. It's just that it gets loud and irritating when she yells or screams. Her outstanding portrayal of Tori is especially notable whenever she sings.
      • Her singing voice is beautiful, and it helps that Victoria Justice had a lot of singing experience when she was portraying the character, showing how good Tori's portrayal is in the show, despite her poor characterization.
    3. She still has some talent, as Trina does admit to her younger sister that she is a really good and better singer than her in the "Pilot”.
    4. She does improve in the third and fourth seasons: she gains more personality, and thus becomes more of an interesting character, i.e. receiving some character development.
    5. She never ends up with Beck; even when they are about to kiss in "Tori Goes Platinum", Tori decides not to, not wanting to hurt Jade, causing Jade to see her as a good friend, at times, and she was happy when Jade and Beck got back together in "Tori Fixes Beck and Jade".
    6. Even when she learns that Jade faked being hurt by her and landing Tori in detention, she chooses not to confess the truth and accepts the punishment for something she didn't even do.
    7. She does get karma once in a blue moon, like when she and Jade had to walk Festus home after destroying his car for "The Wood", but that isn't enough to completely remove her from the Karma Houdini category.
    8. She's a pretty talented singer, which explains why her singing voice is so good, as mentioned in VQ #2.
    9. The sister relationship between her and Trina is good, with her more sensible and down-to-earth personality playing off of Trina's narcissistic, rude, and desperate-for-fame attitude.
    10. Compared to her chemistry with Cat, her chemistry with Jade and André is decent.
    11. She makes sure to right her wrongs.
      • In "Beck's Big Break", she inadvertently gets Beck fired from a movie just for correcting the lead actress and being Beck's friend. However, she manages to get Beck his part back by accidentally getting the lead actress injured and replaced.
      • In "Cat's New Boyfriend", she admitted it was wrong for her to spray cheese on Cat and her boyfriend Daniel and later kissed him and apologized to Cat.
    12. She does have a handful of funny moments, especially when they are not inappropriate, and in the last two seasons.
    13. Overall, she's not a bad character at all, just flawed.
    14. Also, Tori Vega is very beautiful and attractive, especially her outfits (even if some of them are very inappropriate for a kids' show) and long brown hair, which she is really cute.
    15. She still is one of Nickelodeon's most iconic characters.



    • Victoria Justice, her actress, has portrayed other characters like Lola Martinez from Zoey 101, Jordan Sands from The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (2010), Shelby Marx from iCarly, the Eris Fairy from The Troop and Wren DeSantis from Fun Size (all of which are likable characters, except for Wren).
    • Tori Vega makes a guest appearance in the iCarly crossover special, "iParty with Victorious", where she gets paired up with Carly Shay.



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