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Poll requests

Caulipower (talkcontribs)

Poll 1

Should we restore the articles on Sakura Haruno and Jeffy?

  • Yes, but we need to put disclaimers at the beginning and should be careful around editing those
  • No

Poll 2

Should we demote Unnamedgoon?

  • Yes because he shifted Miraheze
  • Give him a chance just in case
  • We don't know why he was inactive, so if he returns and goes inactive again, then demote him
Matthew The Guy (talkcontribs)

For the first one, no we should not and I don't see why we should. For the second one, no. And what is meant by he "shifted Miraheze"?

Caulipower (talkcontribs)

I am on a tablet so Unnamedgoon left quitted miraheze.

Matthew The Guy (talkcontribs)

He didn't necessarily quit. Sure he left, but he occasionally comes back.

Caulipower (talkcontribs)

K. So we give him a chance.