Topher (Total Drama)

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"I got the phone call from the producers during the challenge. That's why I cheered, and that's why I don't care that we lost, because I am now in charge! Ha! Yes!"
Gender: Male
Type: Male Sierra Rip-Off
The Chris Wannabe
Age: 16 (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Christopher Jacot
Media of origin: Total Drama

Topher is one of the contestants of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. He wants to take over Total Drama as a host in Chris’ place, but usually fails at doing so. He is voiced by Christopher Jacot.

Why He's Got a Lot to Learn Kid! LATER!

  1. He is basically a male rip-off of Sierra from World Tour; in fact, he's an even worse version of her, that he would make even her flanderized All-Star's self look like a good character.
  2. He may be a huge fan of the host, Chris, but he's one of those overbearing fans that tends to be annoying and obnoxious, as he tries way too hard to gain his attention.
  3. Thanks to being an overbearing fan, just like Leonard, he usually hinders his team.
    • In episode 3, he didn’t hit anyone at all during the doom balloon challenge, and thanks to focusing on Chris, he got hit with a balloon himself from Dave.
    • In episode 6, he briefly left his team to steal Chris' phone and barely did anything to help them when he came back.
    • In episode 7, he was more focused on Chris' phone than with helping Jasmine.
    • Episode 8 is his worst offender, as he was so focused on, the producers call via Chris’ phone that he messed up his team’s chances of winning, which got him voted off.
  4. He also cares too much about his looks, as he tends to freak out whenever his hair gets messed up or if there’s something in his hair.
  5. He often makes Chris freak out and annoyed by complaining about Chris’ age and looks, that he looks too old to be a host.
  6. He tried to steal Chris’ job as host, like trying to host himself, which often annoyed him.
  7. He even went as far as to steal Chris’ phone, which makes him a criminal.
  8. He calls the producers to try to replace Chris as host, which is just cruel.
  9. He’s the reason Scarlett almost blew her cover and almost showed she was evil; thankfully, this occurred in the same episode he was eliminated before he could warn his other teammates about Scarlett's true colors.
  10. He is also a very big coward, when shown to stay away and run whenever he faces something that could harm his looks.
  11. Out of the unlikable members of Team Pimâpotew Kinosewak, he is the one that made it the furthest (at least, he was unlikable to begin with, while Sky was likable until the merge).
  12. He has also put his team in danger several times, like when he lead Jasmine to a gopher tunnel, and when he almost got his team and himself killed by the lions, pasta bear, and by causing a snow avalanche due to making noise.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He has a pretty good character design.
  2. Christopher Jacot did a decent job voicing him.
  3. Unlike Leonard, he isn’t always a hindrance to his team. He helped build his team their shelter, got his team’s pig through the zip-line, didn’t do a Truth or Scare since he never got landed on, and got his team a dueling stick.
  4. Some of his host lines are decent.
  5. He got his comeuppance for trying to steal Chris’ job in "Three Zones and a Baby", with Chris pretending to be a producer to throw him off and get him eliminated, even though this would negatively impact Chris’ career in real life.



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