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    Tooth Fairy (Teen Titans Go!)

    Tooth Fairy
    "I am not a monster. I do what any normal person would do with teeth. I eat them, Ta-ta-ra-ta-ta!"
    Gender: Female (Yes, really)
    Type: Creepy Tooth Eater
    Age: Unknown, but possibly Teenager or Adult
    Portrayed by: Khary Payton
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Teen Titans Go!
    First appearance: Dignity of Teeth

    "Anyone who breaks into your room at night and collects teeth is a creep."


    The Tooth Fairy is a minor character and villainess who debuts in the episode "Dignity of Teeth". She is responsible for collecting teeth from people all around the world, once they fall out, and leaves money under their pillow, corresponding to the popular myth of "The Tooth Fairy". She is voiced by Khary Payton, who alyo voices Cyborg throughout the show.

    Why She Should Also GO! Away Ta-ta-ra-ta-ta!

    1. To get the baby tooth out of the mouth, she is a disgusting portrayal of the Tooth Fairy.
    2. Her design is gross and weird. Not to mention, it's very offputting with the numerous teeth inside her.
      • Speaking of which, it looks like this a male version despite being a female.
    3. At her home in the middle of an alley, the Tooth Fairy appeared. In order for Raven to get back her friend's teeth, the Tooth Fairy challenged Raven to a game of "eating teeth". Ewwwww!
    4. She has yellow teeth, which is kinda strange considering the fact that she wants people to have "pearly whites".
    5. In the episode Easter creeps, she is shown to be a jerk to the Easter bunny, trying to take over Easter, which makes it more pointless that they end up getting together in the end of the episode.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She's likable in "The Streak", as well as in the end of "Dignity of Teeth"; in the latter, she at least goes back on her word and gives the rest of the Titans their teeth back. In the former, when the other Titans (minus Beast Boy) abandon Robin, she along with Sticky Joe and Santa stand by him and win crime season.
    2. Khary Payton does a great job voicing her, and he gives a better performance than Cyborg.


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