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    Tokkori (Kirby of the Stars)

    "I hate Kirby and I love being rude."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Snooty Jerkass Avian
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Bird
    Portrayed by: Fujiko Takimoto (Japanese)
    Kevin Kolack (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

    Tokkori is a character in the Kirby series, appearing only in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is characterized as a selfish (and sometimes cruel) bird that often uses Kirby just for protection purposes. He can also be considered grumpy by a lot of people. He was voiced by Fujiko Takimotio in the Japanese dub, and Kevin Kolack in the English dub.

    Why He's (Intentionally?) A Bully and Liar

    1. He's an annoying, selfish, douchey, loud-mouthed, arrogant, snooty, and somewhat whiny bird and is always shown to be short-tempered, cranky, grumpy, cantankerous, snotty, and crabby all the time.
    2. Just like King Dedede and Escargoon, he's a male example of the mean popular boy trope. However, King Dedede and Escargoon are likable and hilarious.
    3. He also can be considered a Scrappy too.
    4. He's always a huge jerk to Kirby and makes things worse for him by pestering, tormenting, and picking on him. Not to mention, he also somewhat lectures Kirby too.
    5. Not only is he rude to Kirby, but he's also mean to the civilians of Cappy Town too, as he makes them feel bad. Not to mention, he likes to think that he's better than anyone else.
    6. He's also a huge jerk towards Tiff and Tuff too.
    7. In "A Blockbuster Battle", he refuses to let Kirby borrow his nest when it starts to rain and he even says that Kirby should stay homeless in the Japanese dub.
    8. He stole Kirby's house by kicking him out of it. He rarely lets Kirby sleep in his own house.
    9. In "Watermelon Felon", he accused Kirby of taking his bed right under his beak when Tokkori stole Kirby's bed from the start.
    10. To make matters worse, he was at his very worst in "Kirby Takes the Cake" when he told Kirby that nobody likes him and that he's an outsider to the point where he made Kirby cry.
    11. Not only is he a jerk, but he's also lazy as well. He's one of the laziest characters in the show, thus making Tokkori useless. That makes Navi the Fairy more useful in comparison.
    12. He's also a complete coward. In "Beware Whispy Woods" he lies about being able to go through Whispy's Woods fearlessly, where he panicked after being trapped with all of the sentient trees. This goes on when Tiff asks him to scout ahead again, he hides and shivers beneath one of the trees.
    13. He forces Kirby to sleep in his nest.
    14. He also forces Kirby to clean up his own house for him.
    15. Going back to "A Blockbuster Battle", he tries to sabotage Kirby's attempts at work. He even dropped a vase on him as well.
    16. He is sometimes very stupid. He thinks he's the only one who doesn't like Kirby when King Dedede also doesn't like Kirby.
    17. Hypocrisy: In "Prediction Predicament Part II", he told Kirby before the world ended that they have been the best of buddies when yet, it's the other way around.
    18. He has a grating voice in both English and Japanese. As a result, he wasted the talents of Kevin Kolack and Fujiko Takimoto. Even Chris Thorndyke is much more redeemable than him due to his personality.
    19. Like most of the other characters in the anime, he never appears in the video games (although in his case, it might be for the best).
    20. His mere existence is pointless as there was already a bird character in the Kirby games that could have been in the anime: Pitch. You can easily replace him with Pitch as we mentioned before, and the anime would almost still be the same. The only difference is that Pitch would help Kirby out whenever he needs to and never take his house.
      • On that note, while passable, his design feels very out-of-place and looks nothing like a character from Kirby as he looks more like a character out of another anime show like Precure Cure or Sakura's Quest.
      • Not only that, he’s like Sergio Casagrande, yes, that bird from The Casagrandes, But done worse.

    (Intentional?) Redeeming Qualities

    1. He did help out in a couple of episodes.
    2. Deep down, he loves and cares for Kirby very much, and they can't live without one another.
    3. He will sometimes let Kirby sleep in his own house.
    4. In "Kirby Takes the Cake", he felt bad for kicking Kirby out of Cappy Town as he eventually learned from his mistake and tried to get Kirby back.
    5. He did redeem himself and did take a level of kindness afterward.
    6. The way he says "Huh?" is actually pretty funny.
    7. At least he gets what he deserves for the most part, so we cannot clarify him as a karma houdini.
    8. While somewhat out-of-place in WH'sABBAL#20, like any Kirby character, he has a nice and passable design.
    9. Despite WH'sABAAL#18, Kevin Kolack and Fujiko Takimoto did do great jobs voicing Tokkori in the Japanese dubs and American dubs respectively.
    10. The Kirby Right Back at Ya! franchise would not be as good as it is without him since he is one of the main characters of the show and had a huge impact on the show.
    11. Because of him being mean to everyone in Cappy Town as well as being a rude jerk to Kirby, it is likely that Tokkori is made to be hated.
    12. Like most characters made up for the Anime, he never appears in the games including spin offs. In fact he doesn't even get referenced in any of them. In this instance, its definitely a good thing.


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