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Toadette (SuperMarioLogan)
"Hi! I'm Toadette!" Nobody cares. We know who you are.
Gender: Female
Type: Slutty Pervert
Age: 17
Species: Toad
Portrayed by: Logan Thirtyacre (formerly)
Elaina Keyes (currently)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SuperMarioLogan

Toadette is a minor character in the Super Mario Logan franchise. She is Toad's ex-girlfriend.

Why She Sucks

  1. In the episode, Toad's Girlfriend!, she cheated on Toad with Bowser Junio
  2. She was acting very perverted towards Junior.
  3. Not only did she have an affair with Toad, but she also had an affair with multiple people.
  4. Although Junior told Toad about Toadette cheating on him, he didn't believe him at first.
  5. Her extremely perverted tendencies makes her unlikable.
  6. Despite being a teenager, she's still in elementary school.
  7. She has an annoying sounding voice.
  8. Because of her perverted attitude, she was never seen in SML videos ever again since people hated her.

Only Redeeming Quality

  1. her videogame counterpart is way better


  1. Her "pigtails" are actually tumors, as revealed in Mario's New Girlfriend!
  2. Toadette is Logan's favorite character voices by Elaina in terms of her voice.
  3. As of 2018, she hasn't made any physical appearances.



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