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    Titans (2018 TV series)
    "F**k Titans!"
    - Batman
    Gender: Male, Female
    Type: The Overly Edgy and Serious Sides of the Teen Titans
    Age: 16-17
    Species: Human (Dick Grayson and Dawn Granger)
    Tamaranean (Starfire)
    Shapeshifter Animal (Beast Boy)
    Demon (Raven)
    Portrayed by: Brenton Thwaites (Dick Grayson)
    Anna Diop (Starfire)
    Ryan Potter (Beast Boy)
    Teagan Croft (Raven)
    Minka Kelly (Dawn Granger)
    Status: Active
    Media of origin: Titans (2018)
    First appearance: DC Comics

    Titans are the protagonists of the 2018 DC Universe and later HBO Max series Titans, loosely based on the fictional team of the same name and inspired by The New Teen Titans team, which consisted of Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, and Raven.

    Why They All Should GO! Away

    Note: This article will only focus on their live-action television counterparts.


    1. Cyborg is absent from the team. Despite later comics having him being part of the Justice League by replacing Martian Manhunter or Shazam, he's more fondly remembered for being in the Teen Titans. Unfortunately, so far because of his role in the Doom Patrol show, he has never made an appearance. Not even as a passing reference like Superman, almost as if the character doesn't exist in the universe.
    2. They barely have a connection to the Arrowverse or the DC Extended Universe despite it having nothing to do with it and being a separate universe.
      • There's nothing wrong with being in a standalone universe in particular, but it would have been interesting to see them be part of either universe and a standalone one so that they don't get in the way of everyone else. Also, they were even given a cameo in the TV event adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths (with Hawk and Jason Todd/Robin just witnessing the fading) in which they played no role. Unfortunately, the event didn't keep their universe gone and brought it back.
    3. They try too hard to be edgy.
    4. They all act like jerks to one another.
    5. They nearly drive Jason Todd (the second Robin before becoming the Red Hood) to suicide with accusations that make no sense.
    6. They broke up in the eighth episode of season 2 for the dumbest reason ever. They didn't break up because of a villain's threat or a villain recently killing a member of the team; they broke up over Dick hiding a secret from them. While hiding a secret is something to get mad about, it's not something that could break up a team!
    7. They never teamed up with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or the Justice League when Lex Luthor (Superboy’s creator and Superman’s arch-nemesis) appeared in the fourth season of the show.
    8. For being heroes, they're more than willing to kill people just so that the show can be TV-MA-rated.
    9. The actors' performances are bland and often come off as too cringeworthy to be taken seriously.

    Dick Grayson

    1. Despite being named Dick Grayson he has the personality of Jason Todd but is more brutal. He can make Jason Todd look like the real Dick Grayson at times due to how brutal he can be.
    2. He repeatedly blames his being a brutal vigilante on Batman, under the claim, "He was training me to be a weapon". The excuse makes no sense as we never see Batman doing any of those things. This would make sense, however, if the show's Batman was the version from the controversial and universally hated comic book series All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder but it's not.
      • Speaking of Batman, he barely suits up in his Batsuit as of seasons 2-3.
    3. He kept abandoning the Titans to go do his things. It gets to the point where one can start to question why he's even with the team to begin with if he's just going to constantly abandon them.
    4. His infamous "F**k Batman" statement. Nothing more needs to be said about that.
    5. His origin as Nightwing is completely changed. Instead of hearing a story about the Kryptonian hero "Nightwing" being told by Superman, he instead gets it from a legend while in prison.
    6. For some strange reason, he relies more on hand-to-hand fighting, like Batman does, instead of acrobatics, something which he does more frequently as Nightwing.


    1. Her race is changed, as she is brown-skinned rather than orange. This is another example of redheads being blackwashed.
    2. She looks like a drug dealer who had gone thrift shopping during the first season. This was something many had a problem with when the costume was first revealed because even those who cosplay as Starfire for less than $10 do a better version of the costume than that!
      • Thankfully, season 2 changed this by making her have long, natural hair and normal clothes, and season 3 gave her a suit that resembles that of her comic counterparts.
    3. Her powers have been changed from energy star bolts to a literal fire, which just proves the directors and/or the screenwriters don't know a thing about Starfire or her powers. Season 3 started to give her the (sorta) actual energy star bolts, unfortunately, the color was changed to blue instead of the normal green.

    Beast Boy

    1. He is no longer green. This part is very strange considering that, when he's an animal, he's actually green, and yet he's normal-skinned when he's human.
    2. His relationship with Raven looks wrong due to their age gap.
    3. He barely uses his powers due to the show's budget and when he does, it's the same animal (e.g. a tiger). This doesn't even make any sense considering he's called Beast Boy.
    4. He always has to get naked when transforming. This would be solved if he was given a special outfit (like the one he wears in the comics) where his clothes wouldn't have to be taken off or torn apart when transforming but so far, there is no such thing.


    1. She repeatedly lashes out at Beast Boy despite him being nothing but helpful to her, showing that she won't accept any help one willingly gives her without her asking for it.
    2. She comes off more like a scared little kid than someone who is supposed to be mature.
    3. Her powers look awful, to the point where it makes the powers from the Arrowverse look good in comparison.
    4. She has some laughably awful quotes like, "You know what they say...genetics is destiny".
    5. She looks more like a wannabe emo girl. Granted, Raven does tend to be an emo girl in every form of media she appears in, but here, the emo scale was taken from 5 to 7 to a rough estimate of 80 to 99.

    Dawn Granger

    1. She has a holier-than-thou attitude, which doesn't fit with the show's tone.
    2. She cheated on both Hank and Dick with each other, and no one takes issue with it.
    3. Despite her holier-than-thou attitude, as mentioned previously, she encourages other people's bad behaviors (as seen when she doesn't even get a little mad at Hank's hothead attitude). Then she backtracks when things don't go her way.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. They are not as loathsome as the Teen Titans from the 2013 TV spin-off show Teen Titans Go!.
    2. The costumes look good, even better than a single bad costume in the Arrowverse.
    3. Jericho is the only likable member of the group.
    4. They slightly improved as of season 3.


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