Timothy Gluant (Rabbids Invasion)

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Timothy Gluant is a character from the French animated television series "Rabbids Invasion".

"Huh? No! I just wanna help. (Hein? Non! Je veux juste t'aider. In French)"

Why He Sucks

  1. He's a very spoiled boy and willing to cry, to get what he wants.
  2. He was extremely unlikable in "Scout Rabbids", and "R.C. Rabbid"
  3. He's a big jerk to the Rabbids.
  4. He's one the most hated characters in the series.
  5. His design was almost the same as Steven from Steven Universe.
  6. He never stops attacking and mocking to the Rabbids what he has done to them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His voice was decent.
  2. He got arrested on "Scout Rabbids".
  3. He got Karma in episodes where he misbehaves.
  4. He became nice and friendly in some episodes like "Sticky Rabbids" and "Rabbid Mozart".


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