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    Tim Avery (Son of the Mask)

    Tim Avery
    "Don't ya just love Halloween?"
    Type: Manchild Father (Unmasked)
    Annoying Party-Animal (Masked)
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Cartoon Character (while wearing the mask)
    Portrayed by: Jamie Kennedy
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Son of the Mask

    Tim Avery is the main protagonist of the critically panned 2005 movie Son of the Mask. He was played by Jamie Kennedy.

    Why He's the Crappiest Piece of Crap in Craptown

    1. Executive meddling: He originated from an adult oriented romantic comedy script called Baby Formula but got lazily retooled into a Mask follow up. He tries so hard to be the new Stanley from The Mask but fails by a long shot.
      • Speaking of which, he serves as the replacement for the previous film's protagonist, Stanley Ipkiss. Not only does he try too hard to be the new Stanley only to miserably fail and instead feel like a cheap knock-off of him, but he also manages to be an incredibly obnoxious, aggravating, and overall unlikeable protagonist.
    2. He literally, if not, completely wasted the talent of Jamie Kennedy. Especially when he behaves like a manchild with such a whiny voice, it hurts to listen to.
      • The worst offender of his acting is his egregiously unpleasant yelling.
    3. When Tim is unmasked, he is an obnoxious manchild who's also an extremely incompetent father who doesn't take care of Alvey or Otis themselves. He yells quite frequently at Alvey. Also, many scenes (about 30 minutes) of footage were cut.
      • He'd rather spend time indulging himself with cartoons than taking care of Alvey, which later resulted in him getting attacked by the latter. Sounds familiar?
      • He does not even do his work properly, he got fired for making something he shouldn't have.
      • He's also a complete jerk because he did try to punish his son by throwing him into a hospital for all the powers he attacked him with.
      • He nearly tried to feed Alvey broken glass when accidentally breaking a lamp while mistaking it for a baby bottle.
    4. His Mask form also has a very unfunny personality; this is shown the most when he fights Loki and makes tons of lame jokes like a fart joke for example.
      • He does a very bad job at entertaining people with some extremely stupid and cringe-inducing rapping that is far too overused. When he's in mask form, he's meant to be "fun" and "charismatic", but he looks like he's tired and trying way too hard to be likable, outgoing and energetic, when he just comes across as tiresome and time-wasting.
      • Aside from him being supposedly a newer version of Stanley Ipkiss and his alter-ego from the last movie, he also feels like somewhat of a Freakazoid knockoff due to some personality traits that are nearly similar to Freakazoid despite resembling Stan's alter-ego (these include his mannerisms, his goofy/childishly wacky plans of action, and for how he is meant to be a total loser with an awesome side to him), except that his "Mask" characteristic is just as annoying, poorly-written and unappealing as Tim in his human form.
      • His appearance while wearing the mask looks ugly and scary, especially when he raps and often mugs the camera while rapping, which looks pretty creepy and over-exaggerated. He doesn't even look like The Mask himself, but like Jamie Kennedy with green makeup and bad hair.
    5. He permanently killed The Mask franchise.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He did at least did his best to take care of Alvey, even when it wasn't an order from his wife.
    2. He does save his son from Loki at the end.
    3. At least he doesn't yell as much towards Otis in Masked form.


    • Jamie Kennedy admitted having actually regretted playing the character and that his character inspired him to do a film called Heckler in response to being heckled by someone who got mad at him for his performance in the film.
    • Tim Avery is named after the animator Tex Avery.



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