Tim Avery (Son of the Mask)

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Tim Avery (Son of the Mask)
Tim as The Mask.jpg
Don't ya just love Halloween?
Type: Your typical dumb father
Age: Unkown
Species: Human, Cartoon Character (while wearing the mask)
Status: Unkown
Media of Origin: 'Unknown'

Tim Avery: is the main protagonist of the critically panned 2005 movie: Son of the Mask.

Why He Sucks

  1. He's a very dumb father who can't take care of Alvey or even Otis properly.
  2. His appearance while wearing the mask looks ugly and scary. He doesn't look like The Mask himself, but more like Jamie Kennedy with green makeup and bad hair.
  3. He'd rather spend time indulging himself with cartoons than taking care of Alvey in which resulted in him getting attacked by Alvey.
  4. He also has a very unfunny personality; this is shown the most when he fights Loki making unfunny jokes.
  5. He does a very bad job at entertaining people with unfunny and cringe-inducing rapping.
  6. He tries so hard to be the new Stanley but fails a lot.
  7. He literally, if not completely wasted the talent of Jamie Kennedy.
  8. He does not even do his work properly, he got fired for making something he shouldn't have.
  9. He's also a complete jerk because he did try to punish his son by throwing him into a hospital for all the powers he attacked him with.
  10. He permanently killed The Mask movie franchise.
  11. He nearly tried to feed Alvey broken glass when accidentally breaking a lamp while mistaking it for a baby bottle.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He did at least try to take care of Alvey even when it wasn't an order from his wife.
  2. He does save his son at the end.
  3. He does at least try to take care of his son and dog.


Tim while not wearing the mask.