Thirteenth Doctor

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Thirteenth Doctor
Thirteenth Doctor.jpg
"I'm an upgrade."
Gender: Female
Type: Flanderized Gender-Swap of either David Tennant or Matt Smith
Age: At least 2000
Species: Time Lord
Portrayed by: Jodie Whittaker
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Doctor Who

The Thirteen Doctor is the fifteenth incarnation of the Doctor from Doctor Who (2005). She appeared in series 11, 12 and 13.

Why This Doctor Needs To Regenerate

  1. The gender swapping was pointless given that they could have just made a time off starring Susan Foreman, Romana, or Jenny. The decisions were just made out of spite.
  2. The fact the Doctor is even able to change into a woman at all contradicts 50 years of Doctor Who. As for the people claiming it was established in classic Who, that's not actually true. There was some joke about making the next Doctor female but it was never a serious thing.
  3. Her costume looks ridiculous. She actually looks better when she's wearing the Twelfth Doctor's old costume in her first episode, even though the costume is made for a man and far too large for her.
  4. She's badly acted. Jodie Whittaker seems to be trying to be a gender-swapped David Tennant or Matt Smith.
  5. She is prone to babbling which tends to ruin what would otherwise be tense and important scenes.
  6. She is constantly letting her enemies go.
  7. She thinks having a spider suffocate or starve to death is better than just shooting it.
  8. She has suddenly gained this victim complex, convinced people are only questioning or accusing her of witchcraft because she's a woman. This is despite the 1st Doctor being accused of witchcraft and the 10th Doctor nearly being thrown out of a spaceship for similar reasons in Season 4.
  9. She arrogantly calls herself an "upgrade", insulting all the previous incarnations, despite admitting several times she didn't know much about Doctor Who.
  10. She dismisses Graham's concerns about his cancer returning, which is not only ignorant of her, but also something out of character for the Doctor
  11. She is retconned into being an all-important Time Child, taking away what little of the Doctor made him the Doctor.
  12. She is a sanctimonious, self-righteous hypocrite who regularly chastises people for using violence, even when the situation is justified, even though her past selves had resorted to violence and even killed when necessary.
  13. Whenever she tries to be funny, it's just painful.
  14. She lies to, manipulates, and strings along with her companions. Unlike dark behavior from past Doctors, this isn't part of a grand plan or character experimentation.
  15. She always acts before she thinks, which leads to tons of danger, like getting her companions killed.
  16. She now has mummy issues, which never plagued any of the previous Doctors.
  17. She allows The Master, who is now in the guise of a non-white man, to be arrested by the Nazis and likely sent to a concentration camp. This is seen as a good thing.
  18. Whereas previous Doctors were willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, she is perfectly happy to let random people die in her place.


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