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Thief Pig is one of the supporting antagonists in Angry Birds Evolution.

Why He Sucks

  1. His laugh is highly obnoxious and ear piercing even when you get a reward.
  2. He forces you to pay a lot of gems up to 3200! Seriously, no joke. (see 3:36). He could possibly make you waste alot of gems whenever a room containig him is pressed on.
  3. He only appeared there just to be a filler character who serves no purpose to the main story. In fact, he comes off as a plot device in the games.
  4. His design in fact is very unoriginal. He is just a reused model of a small pig from Angry Birds Evolution and that applied to other characters.
  5. He is considered to be one of video gaming's most annoying characters, making Dog look less annoying compared to the character.
  6. He, in fact has no personality making him a one-dimensional character since the only hobby he does is stealing and getting away.
  7. He's just a rip off of Wealthy Pig, another Angry Birds character, since that both characters are carrying valuable items, the characters can go away, and they don't deal damage to the player.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. At least he doesn't deal any damage to the player, considering the fact that he can get away during battles.


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