The Widow (The Magic Riddle)

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"Do You Know Why I Hate Her? 'Cause I’m, Mean, Mean, Mean, It’s Great to Be Mean!"

The Widow is the major antagonist from the 1991 Australian film The Magic Riddle. She is voiced by Robyn Moore.

Why She Sucks

  1. She has a very poor reason to hate Cindy, because she is mean, and why is she mean? It’s because she can’t find Cindy's grandfather's will. She even sings a song about it!
  2. She is extremely loud and over the top.
  3. She has no real name and her name is just "The Widow", who would name their child "The Widow" anyway?
  4. Out of all the poorly drawn characters from the film, she has the most hideous design.
  5. She abuses Cindy throughout the film and even Grandma during the middle of the film.
  6. Her disguises are poorly designed and cheap, such as the wolf costume which doesn’t even look like an actual wolf and looks more like a cartoon dog.
    • Another one of her ridiculous disguises is Pinocchio's mother, which even Pinocchio would realize that he never has a mother and could see through her disguise.
    • When she disguises herself as a chair salesman to fool Grandma, she looks like an offensive Jewish stereotype.
  7. She is also extremely destructive as well and keeps trashing her house when she is singing about finding Cindy's grandfather's will.
  8. For the main antagonist, she's also pretty dam stupid. When she comes across Cindy's music box she, somehow, convinces herself to get the idea that Cindy likes dancing, and she plans to put on a ball to get her to come back home. So... why doesn't she just look for Cindy instead? She only knows one other place, which is her Grandma's house, why doesn't she just go there and get her?
    • She tries to hypnotize Cindy with an apple rather than just giving it to her like in the original Snow White story; Even Pinocchio pointed this out.
  9. She even abuses animals as well such as Cindy's cat, Puss, and her own dogs, Hansel and Gretel, and even yelling at the ugly ducking and his family.
  10. She does several disturbing things such as flashing her knickers, swinging her boobs from side to side, and jumping into a bathtub that her daughters were in.
  11. The way she moves is just uncomfortable to look at.
  12. Despite all of her bad deeds, she never gets sent to jail.
  13. She likes to play favorites with her own daughters, paying more attention to Bertha than Ertha.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Unlike most villains who just want the money because of greed, The Widow does have a reason as to why she wants the money: she is just trying to support herself and her own daughters.
  2. Despite not getting sent to jail, it is amusing for her to get punished to become Cindy's maid along with Bertha.


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