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    The Unthinkables (Superflex)

    The Unthinkables
    Gender: Varies
    Type: Sadistic Power-Hungry Supervillains
    Media of origin: Superflex

    The Unthinkables are the main antagonists of the edutainment comic book series Superflex. They are the arch-nemesis of Superflex, and the evil counterparts of the Thinkables. They are a race of power-hungry sentient beings that sadistically brainwash and manipulate innocent victims, and want to somehow eventually conquer the entire world.

    Why They are all Intentionally Unlovable

    NOTE: These characters were all meant to be hateable on purpose.

    1. They are a gang of sadistic and power-hungry psychopaths who do nothing but brainwash and manipulate innocent victims.
    2. Despite not committing any acts of murder, rape, or other gratuitously violent atrocities. Their despicable actions are somewhat vile and repulsive, and are likely to be done purely for the evulz.
    3. On top of that, absolutely none of their actions are justified, and nothing about them is ever-explained.
    4. At the same time, it's implied that they pursue an ultimate goal of conquering the world, manipulate and brainwash all of humanity, and create a dystopia.
    5. They all have little-to-no character development whatsoever.
    6. In-spite of that they still show clear sadistic and greedy personalities, and are fully aware of the harm that they are doing towards their victims.
    7. Although they don't hate humanity, nor are they prejudiced against anything or anyone, they still show no genuine care, honor, or sympathy towards anyone.
    8. In addition, they aren't genuinely polite or friendly to anyone, not even to other villains.
    9. Despite their intelligence and competence, neither of those qualities detract from their loathsomeness. Instead, these qualities more or less highlight their loathsomeness along with their villainous abilities.
    10. They have never felt any remorse for their despicable actions, and will most likely not redeem themselves under any circumstances.
    11. All in all, by the nature of the Superflex edutainment comic book series, they have no redeeming qualities, and they clearly aren't meant to be seen in a positive light, nor are they meant to be sympathetic, tragic or three-dimensional in any way.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. As stated above, they obviously are meant to be hateable on purpose to begin with.
    2. Some of their designs can be creative.
    3. They are somewhat well-written, despite their insufficient character development.
    4. Despite have no redeeming qualities, as mentioned above, they only commit family-friendly-allowed crimes.


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