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    These heroes will never be as good as others.
    Gender: Male (Tyler, Kevin, and Roach)
    Female (Shope)
    Type: Idiotic Superheroes
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Matt Hill (Tyler), Richard Ian Cox (Kevin), Tabitha St. Germain (Shope), Lee Tockar (Roach)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Supernoobs

    Supernoobs are the main protagonist group from Supernoobs.

    Until they suffered a lack of charm when the series was released in 2015.

    Bad Qualities


    1. The heroes look nothing more like Henry Danger rip-offs.
    2. They don't have the same heroic charm as the other heroes.
    3. Their hero poses are kind of lame.
    4. Their characteristics are kind of annoying, moronic, assholes, stereotypes, cowards, selfish, and mean-spirited.
    5. Their powers look weaker and lamer than Henry Danger and Danger Force.
    6. Instead of fighting the villains like Count Venamus, they just JOINED them with evil for no real reason!
    7. Their characters are very bland and generic.
    8. Kevin's and Roach's voices are annoying and too raspy.
    9. They all portrayed as butt-monkeys.
    10. Despite being the main protagonists, they hog way too much screen time with Kevin and Roach being the main offenders. This hogging comes at the expense of Memnock and Zenblock, who often have boring and pointless subplots shoehorned onto them because of this.
    11. They frequently treat their mentors, Memnock and Zenblock like total garbage in several episodes. For example in “License To Noob”, while on a mission to get medicine for a swink eye infection, Memnock and Zenblock were suffering, they speed in the galaxy, assault the police, wreck the Galacticus, and frame Memnock and Zenblock for the crimes, resulting in them getting book loads of tickets.
    12. They are a team of 3 Gary Stu’s and 1 Mary Sue as they are shown perfecting the supernova while Memnocka en Zenblock never succeeds in doing that power and that only occurs just to make the noobs look superior to their mentors. This is especially seen when they are declared messiahs in “The Chosen Noob” but in the series finale, Only Kevin and Shope fulfill those roles while Memnock and a dumb minion of Count Venamus fill in the remaining two to defeat the virus creator for good.
    13. Tyler, Shope, and Roach are the worst in the episode of "The Supernoobs Meet the Incredibly Amazing Man" where they TRICK Incredibly Amazing Man, another superhero, to send himself from another planet and ended up getting eaten by ball pigs ALIVE! (though it is justified since he is very impulsive and reckless who doesn't know the rules of being a superhero, it's still harsh to see when a the Noobs trick him to sent another planet and eaten him alive is called MURDER!) What kind of a superhero would do that to other superheroes?!

    Tyler Bowman

    1. His personality is supposed to be the kind, caring, calm, and selfless leader of the Supernoobs, but it wasn't shown in this fandom; and that means, he secretly has no personality and he doesn't call a character at all.
    2. He's quite a dumb and naïve leader. And also, he is very arrogant as a superhero.
    3. His romantic relationship with Amy Anderson is bland, underdeveloped, and half-baked.

    Jennifer Shope

    1. She looks nothing more like a stereotypical smartass bitch. Which made the writers hate her, and start to bully her is very illogic. The writers also treat Shope like a Butt-Monkey is also not a good way for the character development.
    2. She can be seen as a rip-off to Susan Test and Mary Test, which is ironic because Scott Fellows, the creator of this show, also created Johnny Test.
    3. Her constant screaming and yelling are annoying.

    Theodore "The Roach or Roach" Roachmont

    1. He is the dumbest member of Supernoobs.
    2. He is a very loud and crazy tough fat boy.
    3. His eyes were NEVER revealed throughout the entire series.
    4. He is perverted towards women who are older than him, flirting with them constantly even when asked to stop.
    5. He in “Noobs Down Under” does not help his team get out of being buried by Count Venamus so they could all beat him up. Instead, he forces Memnock to give up his scamp figurine collection to Venamus, which makes Memnock cry.
    6. His carelessness with his battle ball caused his grandmother to be affected by it when she mistook it for her broach. As it's established that virus warriors need to have their battle balls with them at all times or shrivel up like dried rotten fruit, Roach sealed that terrible fate for his grandmother.

    Kevin Reynolds

    1. He's the most selfish and irresponsible member of the Supernoobs.
    2. He looks nothing more like a rebellious bully and a cruel jerk than a cool boy.
    3. He's a very spoiled brat.
    4. He's much like Teen Titans GO version of Beast Boy:
      • They both have dumb animal transformations.
      • They both harass girls.
      • They're both very lazy.
    5. He lacks remorse and empathy when he bullies Shope (even though she's the only female from Supernoobs), which is unjustified and sexist.
    6. He is very bossy in "Noob or Dork" around Tyler and Roach and disturbed Shope when she studies her project.
    7. HYPOCRISY: He tried to cancel Mem and Zen's planned TV show out of fear of keeping his and the noobs' identities being revealed yet in "Eyewitness Noobs" Kevin was revealed to have not only been running the main website of the Noobs but has also been sending videos of himself and the noob to a tabloid magazine for money and he almost compromised the noobs' identities to the tabloid company by accident.
    8. He is a complete idiot houdini who makes poor decisions and usually never has to answer to them. He once accidentally blew up the school gym with his battle ball but never got expelled or suspended from school for it. Other idiotic things he got away with were almost destroying Earth by accident and selling images of himself and the Noobs without their battlesuits to Marty Soulpatch.

    Good Qualities

    1. They still hang the people from the danger.
    2. Tyler and Shope (at times) are tolerable members of the team.
      • But Tyler is the only tolerable leader of the Supernoobs and he's not as selfish as others.
    3. Their designs are admittedly decent.
    4. Many people still like them because they're still brave and funny as well.


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