The Storm King

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"Friendship and flowers and ponies and bleurgh!"

The Storm King is a satyr-like creature villain who appeared in My Little Pony: The Movie, and is a leader of the Storm forces. He was voiced by Liev Schreiber.

Bad Qualities

  1. He is a stupid, campy, weak comedic villain that lacks the "comedic villain" charm, who didn't have much focus despite supposedly being the main villain. In fact, he generally lacks personality other than his goofiness.
  2. He barley get any screentime, such as having an conversation with Tempest Shadow at Canterlot.
  3. His role in the movie serves more as a minor antagonist rather than a main one, because his second-in-command Tempest Shadow is the one who has more screen time and drives the plot much more, therefore Storm King does not get much development as a main villain and as a character in general.
  4. His betrayal of Tempest Shadow is pretty predictable and even more pointless, especially for a villain of his shtick, a ruthless monster who treats most of his villainy as a joke.
  5. A lot of his dialogue is a joke, as it sounds more like a child who is trying hard to be an villain.

Good Qualities

  1. Liev Schreiber did a decent job voicing him.
  2. The scene where he plays with the sun and moon is hilarious.
  3. Along with Discord and Lord Tirek, Storm King serves as one of the biggest threats to Equestria, even putting the majority of the pony kind into slavery.
  4. He has a pretty ruthless death scene for the movie's demographic, although there are theories that claim that his soul is still alive despite his obsidian body breaking into pieces.
  5. There are parts where he sounds intimidating, like when he tells Tempest "Fail me, and your horn won’t be the only thing that's broken", and his breakdown at the climax.