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    There are a lot of Scrappies out there, but this little runt started it all. Let us have a moment of silence in remembrance of the original Scrappy.
    Gender: Males and Females
    Type: Faulty Characters That Cause More Harm Than Good
    Species: Anyone
    Media of origin: Several Fandoms That Hate Characters with This Trope

    Some popular characters have fandoms. But sometimes, there is a character who has a hatedom. This character is called "The Scrappy".

    Some of the most hated "Scrappies" are those who are considered flat, bland, and pointless, or are seen as arrogant, annoying, abrasive, and douchy. Flanderized characters will often fall under this trope, as will TV show characters or web show characters that receive too much screen time. A "Scrappy" who replaces a likable member of the team is called a "Replacement Scrappy".

    "Scrappies" don't have to be doomed to their status. The writers may change the character to ensure that they are no longer hated if they notice how unlikable the character is simply gotten rid of them. Also, some approaches for simply getting rid of the characters include giving them a tragic death scene, sending them to a far-away area in the story, or turning them into villains to have the popular characters beat them up. In some very rare cases, "The Scrappy" may be replaced with a "Replacement Scrappy" that is so unlikable that fans will ultimately beg for the old "Scrappy" back.

    What Causes a Character to Become a Scrappy

    • Is highly mean-spirited and even a karma houdini.
    • Becomes the catalyst of problems that put her/him and others around them in danger, even if it's unintentional.
    • Is highly dumb and helpless, even with the simplest tasks and situations.
    • Being very annoying when generally presenting him/herself with an emotion that constitutes her/his character such as always being nice, angry, spoiled, etc.
    • A comic relief who is unfunny and annoying.
    • Is a Load that often hinders the main character's goals when grouped.
    • The character is a child who is only there to pander to younger audiences, especially if they are not the main demographic. This is especially evident when they accompany the main characters where it often overlaps with the Load.
    • Engages in something taboo that is done in a glorifying and unironic manner in-universe.
    • A stereotype of a certain group, especially a marginalized one.
    • A replacement for a much better and well-established character who is nothing more than a carbon copy of or lacks the charm of said character.
    • A character who used to be likable before being subjected to Flanderization where a single trait (usually a negative one) becomes the dominant characteristic that virtually or completely defines them.
    • Contributing little to nothing to the plot.
    • Being bland and lacking charisma in comparison to other characters.
    • Is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, a male/female character that is overly and unrealistically perfect and has zero flaws whatsoever.
    • Has too many flaws. While this is often well-intentioned on the part of the creators to make a character seem more realistic and relatable and to avoid Mary Sue/Gary Stu tropes, the character needs to have a fair number of strengths as well to make him/her likable.

    Notable "Scrappies"

    • Scrappy Doo (the trope namer) (an irritating, cocky, and arrogant character who ended up becoming the villain of the first live-action movie)
    • Donald Duck (Mickey Mouse 2013, seasons 1-5) (Overly short-tempered duck who treats his friends like trash)
    • Buddy (Looney Tunes) (Extremely bland and forgettable character)
    • Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic Boom) (needlessly edgy and generic, with little-to-no redeeming qualities or importance to the plot)
    • Wolfoo (A complete jerk to anyone he runs into, treats them like absolute crap, possibly even worse than Bufo)
    • Kirby (Avalanche) (Treats everyone around him like dirt and never gets any comeuppance at all)
    • Carter Blake (Heavy Rain) (An aggressive jerk who gets away with beating up innocent suspects)
    • Haiji Towa (Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls) (An awful and cowardly leader who wanted to destroy the Monokuma kids' controller, which would kill the controlled kids in the process, while also admitting that he's a pedophile)
    • The Monster Clubhouse Monsters (Sesame Street) (their frantic pace, as well as the bouncing off the walls, raised concerns among children and parents; Monster Clubhouse would be discontinued after season 34 of Sesame Street as a result of this)
    • Brian Griffin (seasons 8-present) (He became a liberal douchebag who only talks about his beliefs, of course, imported from Seth MacFarlane)
    • Bufo (a nasty bully who treats Wolfoo and his friends like crap)
    • Stan Smith (seasons 10-present) (Not only he’s an rageholic, but he is now idiotic, corrupt, reckless, moronic, narcissistic, and unreliable and does every reckless things)
    • Peter Griffin (seasons 8-present) (He is now supposedly mentally "retarded", but he is moronic, rude, idiotic, reckless, narcissistic and gets wasted with his drunken friends almost every day)
    • Lois Griffin (seasons 8-present) (She became just plain unlikable with a nasally, annoying voice)
    • Flash Sentry (My Little Pony) (hated by bronies for being pointless and a clichéd pretty boy whose only purpose was being a love interest for Twilight Sparkle)
    • Peggy Hill (received massive flanderization, becoming an annoying wife and a terrible mother)
    • SpongeBob SquarePants (seasons 6b and 7) (He is a annoying, idiotic crybaby)
    • Mr. Krabs (seasons 6-10) (He puts his love of money over the wellbeing of his employees, even firing SpongeBob just so that he could save a nickel)
    • Patrick Star (seasons 6-9a) (He is a bad best friend, dumb with no charm whatsoever)
    • Pearl Krabs (seasons 6 & 7) (She's prone to excessive crying)
    • Bendy (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) (He's a troublemaker who frames the other imaginary friends for his destructive actions and gets away scot-free with his behavior)
    • Ironhide (Transformers; Energon) (whiny, immature brat who is also a coward and is overly talkative about his life and his best buddy Kicker Jones)
    • Kicker Jones (Transformers; Energon) (annoying whiny, immature brat who throws breakdowns and then immediately "apologizes" for his actions and is an unlikeable jerk to the Autobots and his father with the notable exception of Ironhide)
    • Sarah (Ed, Edd n Eddy) (a bratty little girl who treats her older brother and her friends like crap)
    • Stephen and Linda Stotch (South Park) (They unfairly ground Butters for stupid reasons)
    • Hajime Nagumo (Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest) (An angsty emo warrior who thinks his classmates betrayed him)
    • Reginald "Shark" Kastle (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal) (An arrogant emo who steals people's decks and brutally defeats duelists)
    • Yuma Tsukimo (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal) (A whiny duelist who is very annoying and complains so much about trying to be a better duelist. Also, he keeps complaining too much)
    • Snarf (ThunderCats) (A Thunderian who has a very irritating, grating voice and never shuts up every time he's on-screen)
    • D.W. Read (Seasons 1-15) (Arthur’s annoying, self-centered, and immature little sister who frequently gets away with making Arthur's life a living hell)
    • Cora (A one-shot character who's abusive to Arthur and D.W.)
    • Angel the Bunny (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) (abusive douchebag who's ungrateful to his sweet owner Fluttershy)
    • Mushu (Mulan 2) (successfully broke up Mulan and Shang)
    • Duncan Paine (Atomic Betty) (unlikable bully to Betty and Noah)
    • Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon (former "Scrappies" for bullying the CMC, even going as far as to mock Scootaloo's disability)
    • Prince Blueblood (Basically a male Rarity with amplified personalities of the latter, albeit taken too far in the wrong direction. Enough said.)
    • Gilda the Griffon (former "Scrappy" who was a huge jerk to everyone in Ponyville who Rainbow Dash wasn't, especially Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, the latter of whom she made cry)
    • Reginald the Koala (American Dad!) (written like a bad fan character, with barely anyone in the American Dad! fanbase who likes him)
    • Gene (A Nicelander who gives Ralph a hard time just for wanting to be respected by the residents in the penthouse, despite being classified as a bad guy)
    • Heihei (Moana) ("sidekick" to Moana, yet is barely any help to her at all)
    • Poochie (The Simpsons) (irritating and cocky dog; also a "Scrappy" in-universe)
    • Agnes Skinner (A grumpy mother who acts strict, harsh, and bitter towards her son Seymour)
    • Manny Heffley (A jerkish brat that practically bullies Greg into doing his bidding)
    • Lumpy (Happy Tree Friends) (became a "Scrappy" after the airing of the episode By the Seat of Your Pants, where he killed Fliqpy/Flippy, an overrated character in the HTF fandom)
    • Chi Chi (Dragon Ball Z, GT and Super) (obnoxious, arrogant, and an extremely overbearing mother to her sons, Gohan and Goten)
    • Jar Jar Binks (Star Wars Prequel Trilogy) (A "comic-relief" character who's incredibly unfunny and really irritating to watch)
    • Drago Wolf (He acted abusive towards Hershey, and he nearly killed Sally and framed Sonic)
    • Ren Akamichi (Kamen Rider Saber) (is an annoying douche who thinks that only strength can bring justice and constantly talks/simps about Kento Fukamiya)
    • Patroklos Alexander (Soulcalibur V) (whiny brat who killed an innocent man in cold blood, despite being the so-called "protagonist")
    • Deadpool/Weapon XI (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) (in-name-only version of Deadpool who's a complete and utter disgrace to the original)
    • Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon) (A really useless person who does nothing at all for the Sailor Senshi, especially after he leaves.)
    • Ironheart (Marvel Comics) (Mary Sue who has no personality at all and replaced Tony Stark/Iron Man after he was killed by Captain Marvel.)
    • Kiddy Kong (blatant copy of Donkey Kong, who also has an annoying cry, a goofy character design, and far less charm than DK.)
    • Tokkori (He acts like an annoying, grumpy, selfish, arrogant, snooty, and somewhat whiny jerk towards Kirby and bosses him around a lot. Hell, his own page even considers him a Scrappy)
    • Jet the Hawk (Sonic Free Riders) (He became one in that game for acting extremely rude, selfish, arrogant, snooty, and crabby towards other characters., like Tokkori, his page even says that he was flanderized into a Scrappy)
    • Omochao (He was originally hated in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes for being annoying. That is, until he redeemed himself in the original Sonic Riders, and became less annoying and more likable (or at least tolerable) in the 2010s Sonic games)
    • Peach (Mario Strikers Charged) (She has the traits of this, Mean Popular Girl, and a Mary Sue by making her a Paris Hilton or a Kardashian reject; such as throwing tantrums and harrasing her teammates by stomping on the ground)
    • Jr. Troopa (He stalks Mario during his adventures and forces him to battle him six times, also rudely interrupts the Koopa Bros before they can fight Mario a second time. He could also be considered a "Stalker Without a Crush".)
    • Bowser Jr. (Bowser Jr's Journey) (He started off as a scrappy with no heart of gold who belittles his Koopalings (his siblings) and forces Captain Goomba to become a punching bag by battling him countless amount of times, even after returning back to Bowser's Castle, though he redeemed in the second half by Kamek after becoming washed up in Plack Beach)
    • Cyrille Le Paradox (Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time) (has an insufferable Jerkass demeanor towards everyone around him, and is seen as annoying and immature as opposed to entertaining like with previous villains, as many of them have other entertaining traits to despite a few of them also being based on stereotypes, while Paradox has none of that. He even abandons Ms. Decibel, kidnaps Carmelita and gets all creepy-feely towards her, all while smugly gloating about it.)
    • Minilla (Godzilla franchise) (Creator's Pet created as a child appeal character in a franchise with nuclear origins. He only does nothing but whine, cause trouble, and beg help from his adoptive father Godzilla after he caused it. His presence in the Godzilla franchise felt out of place.)
    • Spinosaurus (Jurassic Park III) (Villain Sue who was created to replace the T-Rex as the mascot of the franchise.)
    • Zilla (Godzilla 1998) (Inferior representation of Godzilla who is a disgrace to the original, now considered a separate character by Toho)
    • Light Turner (Netflix's Death Note) (Similar to Zilla above, except he's a poorly written, whiny protagonist.)
    • Dani Ramos (Terminator: Dark Fate) (A feminist propaganda character created to replace the now-deceased John Connor as the leader of the Human Resistance.)
    • Dale Collins (Alien Vs Predator: Requiem) (A generic jock who takes Ricky Howard's car keys to the sewer for smittening his girlfriend.)
    • Sean Smith (Superman & Lois) (Generic jock who antagonizes Superman's sons, Jordan and Jon. He even calls Jordan "Short-Stack" for smittening her girlfriend, Sarah Lang-Cushing.)
    • Kensuke Mochida (Reborn!) (One-shotted chauvinistic school kendo captain who treats Tsuna like a loser.)
    • Nezu Dohachiro (Reborn!) (Tsuna's teacher who thinks those who failed an exam deserve to be expelled.)
    • Harry (A Monster Calls) (A sadistic bully of Conor who is considered invisible to his class.)
    • Taylor (I Kill Giants) (Clichéd delinquent/bully who enjoys beating up Barbara.)
    • Frank Palicky (Murderous bully who attempts to scar Morty for life.)
    • Stevie Kosgrov (I Funny) (Clichéd bullies a relative who makes fun of Jamie and a would-be murderer.)
    • Jungho (The Devil's Boy) (Unheroic, a vengeful boy who tortures his bullies who tortured him too.)
    • Jae Galhwa (The Devil's Boy) (Violent, sadistic bully and delinquent who tormented and tortured Jungho to the point of making a deal with the devil to get revenge on him.)
    • Jae Galhyun (The Devil's Boy) (Discipliner who abuses his son to the point of keeping up his studies and keeping his wife and his son's friends out of trouble.)
    • John Doe (UnOrdinary) (Ruthless violent teenager who wants to beat up people who bullied him during childhood.)
    • Zeke (UnOrdinary) (Sadistic bully who wants to become powerful.)
    • The Jackal (Marvel Comics) (Generic scientist who wants to create clones after Gwen Stacy dies.)
    • Sarina Shizukume (Magical Girl Site) (Cruel, sadistic bully who uses her friends to bully Aya for no good reason and murders Aya's cat, Mya.)
    • Kaname Asagiri (Magical Girl Site) (Crueler than Sarina, Kaname is a sadistic torturer with a God Complex and sadistic tendencies to beat up Aya because his father was abusive for not meeting up his education.)
    • Melissa Maina Matsuhiro (Magical Girl Site) (Young loan shark who steals money from others like her bullied victim and classmate, Kayo.)
    • Jiro Asagiri (Magical Girl Site) (Neglects Aya and pressures Kaname into studying by hitting him if he doesn't study perfectly.)
    • Minoru Mineta (My Hero Academia) (Lecherous pervert who frequently attempts to grope his female classmates and once made a sexual comment about a six-year-old girl.)
    • Momo Hinamori (Bleach) (Annoying, whiny damsel who keeps obsessing over her former captain Sosuke Aizen, who tried to kill her)
    • NiCO (Dead or Alive) (A weak villain characterization, who is obsessed with reviving her dead father.)
    • Buck Cluck (A bad father who neglects his son's wellbeing in favor of his reputation and only comes around after he's done something that he can benefit his public image with.)
    • Solid and Nebra Silva (Black Clover) (Mean-spirited and highly egotistical siblings who abuse their little sister Noelle for her lack of controlling her Water Magic since childhood, and they, along with their eldest brother and captain Nozel, believe that they are superior to those who are lower ranked, especially the Black Bulls.)
    • Starman3 (SMG4) (He was originally a well-liked character due to his dynamics with the other characters, but when it was revealed that his real-life counterpart was a pedophile, and the fact that he forced SMG4 to be in the videos, his image has been permanently tainted, and many fans tend to despise him for his actions, and they even started to hate on the character since his real-life counterpart being a pedophile, given the fact that the character is based off the real person, and the SMG4 Reddit and Discord tend to get angry when he is mentioned.)
    • Francis (SMG4) (While this was the intention, he is despised by many fans due to his actions in the Anime Arc as its main antagonist, such as torturing and kidnapping other Inklings, him attempting murder on them, attempting genocide, attempting murder on Meggy, killing Desti, and not showing remorse for his actions, and finally him lacking likable and good qualities as a person. This made fans, specifically fans of Meggy and Desti, extremely angry at him, and despise him for his actions, not helping unlike other arc villains, he doesn't get redemption in the end, and instead gets killed off by Saiko after she puts him in one of his machines, and turns on the zuccer, killing him off.)
    • Susan Wojcicki (SMG4) (While she is a parody of the real person, she is hated due to her mean-spirited actions, and her always being a massive jerk to Mario, with absolutely no remorse. She also rarely gets her comeuppance, making her a karma houdini.)
    • Malty S. Melromarc (The Rising of the Shield Hero) (Betrayed Naofumi Iwatani and falsely framed him for the attempt of raping her for no other visible reason other than always deceiving, manipulating, and insulting others as a hobby)
    • Marvin (Marvin Marvin) (An extremely annoying and immature alien who is the same character as Fred sans the squeaky voice)
    • Zoey (Playing with Fire) (A crybaby who whines a lot whenever she hears or sees something dangerous)
    • Ren Yamai (Komi Can't Communicate) (A perverted stalker who is a simp and too obsessed with Komi Shouko, not only she's a huge jerk to Tadano Hitohito, but she also even kidnaps him and threatens to kill him)
    • Zero (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) (A nerd with an annoying voice, a petty rivalry, and being host to some of the worst missions in the game)
    • Sweet Johnson (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) (A selfish gangster who constantly treats his brother CJ like trash, shows no gratitude towards CJ for breaking him out of prison, and is shown to be a poor leader of the Grove Street Families)
    • Sergio Casagrande Bird (The Loud House/The Casagrandes) (A jerkass bird who causes the conflict in virtually every episode, is infamous for being shoehorned in scenes, has almost the same personality as Carlino, he has a grating voice, and is a terrible house pet.)
    • Giant Man/Hank Pym (Ultimate Marvel) (Horrible incarnation of the original Ant-Man as he is an egotistic member of the Ultimates who also abuses his wife)
    • Thomas the Tank Engine (Sharon Miller era, BWBA era & All Engines Go!) (An idiotic tank engine who never listens to Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller or any other character and constantly causes confusion and delay in the former. A childish and selfish engine in the latter)
    • Billy (Thomas & Friends) (A one-shot character who is rebellious, immature, and never listens to Thomas)
    • The Logging Locos (Thomas & Friends) (Three annoying comic relief filler characters with no personality)
    • Tom's Owner (Tom and Jerry): (Abusive and hot-tempered pet owner who constantly and verbally abuses Tom for no reason)
    • Mimi Mortin (What About Mimi) (A incredibly unlikable and unsympathetic protagonist. She is a Mary Sue and essentially believes the world revolves around her and that everything must be done her way, and does not really seem to mind her own business and always jumps to conclusions. Her catchphrase "Mimi's got a plan" is annoying as well too.)


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