The Root Pack (Cuphead/The Cuphead Show!)

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The Root Pack
The Root Pack.png
Gender: Male (all three of them)
Type: Unlikable Vegetable Trio
Species: Potato (Sal)
Carrot (Chauncy)
Onion (Ollie)
Portrayed by: Joe Hanna
Cosmo Segurson
Jim Conroy
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Cuphead
The Cuphead Show!

The Root Pack is a group of four root vegetables from the 2017 video game Cuphead. They reside in Inkwell Isle One, and the boss of the Botanic Panic! They also appear in its animated adaptation, The Cuphead Show! They are considered some of the worst characters in the franchise.

Why They're Intentionally A Botanic Panic


  1. They are very weak and horrid bosses in the game and show, as all they do is attack Cuphead & Mugman and don't come off as a threat unlike most of the other Cuphead bosses.
  2. All three of them get even worse in The Cuphead Show!, in which they become abusive jerks who act obnoxious and cruel to everyone, scam people, and are massive jerks to Cuphead and Mugman.
  3. The keep craving soil for no reason.
  4. Their voices are absolutely annoying to listen to. Ollie's voice is the worst offender (MOST ESPECIALLY in the video games), as it sounds too whiny and wimpy.
  5. Their designs are mediocre and pretty ugly, unlike the other character designs in Cuphead.
  6. While they were away, they threw a massive party at Cuphead and Mugman's house for legitimately no reason at all.


  1. Although he does have more personality in the show, he was pretty bland and lacking in personality in the game.
  2. He constantly abuses Ollie for no apparent reason in the show.
  3. His voice is very gravelly (in a bad way) and annoying to listen to.
  4. He burped into Cuphead & Mugman's faces in their appearance in The Cuphead Show, which is not only rude, but it’s also gross-out humor.


  1. To get Cuphead & Mugman out of their house: His laugh can be very annoying to listen to, and it sounds like he copied Elmer Fudd laugh from Looney Tunes.
  2. He is much blander compared to Sal and Ollie, as he doesn't get much lines compared to them.
  3. He lost his psychic abilities for some reason.
  4. His voice is pretty annoying to listen to.


  1. Out of all three members of The Root Pack, he can easily be considered the worst out of the three, as he is a very whiny, spoiled brat who throws fits and cries too much.
  2. As said above, he might as well be the Cuphead version of Caillou, as both characters are known to cry if something saddening is mentioned.
  3. His voice and crying are really annoying.
  4. He caused the vegetables (including Chancy and Sal) to cry at the party with his tears, which completely ruined the party.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite how insufferable they are, they can be nice on very rare occasions
  2. They were a lot more tolerable in the games compared to the TV show, although that certainly isn't saying much.
    • All three of them are also probably meant to be hated (particularly in The Cuphead Show!) for being mean to Cuphead and Mugman for no reason and being spoiled and insufferable brats.


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