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    The Revolting Slob
    "(sniffing) Ugh! Revolting Slob!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Repulsive Jerk
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Puppet
    Portrayed by: Michael McShane
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Crashbox

    The Revolting Slob is a recurring character of Crashbox and he is titular main character of Crashbox's vocabulary game segment of the same name. He is a bald, overweight, slothful puppet who in the each episode, the Slob will do something disgusting action, which is followed by the off-screen woman asking a three-choice question to the viewer, of what word would best fit the situation. This process is repeated a total of 3 times in each episode.

    He is voiced by Michael McShane.

    Intentional Revolting Qualties

    1. For starters, many of his personality traits (and characterization) just consists of him being extremely filthy, uncouth, idle, sadistic, cruel, gluttonous, grouchy, impolite, heedless, rancid, slovenly, gassy and a smelly slacker with several hedonistic behaviors, that's really all there is to him, and this makes him the epitome of a stereotypical fat lazy jerk.
    2. While he is intended to be gross and also ugly to look at, his unappealing character design (that has a grimy rough look and has sores on his face), and his extremely indolent behavior was one of the most infamous parts of the show that was responsible for scaring lots of children during the time of 1999 to 2000, and to this day, he still comes off as very hard to look at by most adult viewers (as well as parents). It's not helping that his uncouth behavior in season 1, just comes off as a lot more painful and unpleasant to watch than humorous.
    3. He (alongside the revolting visuals as intended), were one of the many reasons that several viewers have founded The Revolting Slob (and his segments) to be quite unpleasant to watch (specifically in season 1 that made him so infamous for the time).
    4. Overabundance of Gross-Out Humor: In season 1, he is disgusting but in a far more uncomfortably over-the-top way than necessary (and it's also intended to be funny for the kids to laugh at him since his repulsive behavior is often exaggerated for comedic purposes), it doesn't help that he is seen doing nasty things like sneezing out snot onto his hand (and eating it), eating a box of styrofoam as if they're potato chips (while burping loudly of course), swatting a fly and places it in his bowl of soup to continue eating, and using a fork to take some slime out of his teeth and placing in his belly button.
    5. He is a caricature of a "useless pathetic loser who does nothing but does stupid things and acts gross", and it's never explained why he refuses to change or why he acts like the weird person that he is, thus making him more of a caricature for kids to laugh at him instead of being a character.
      • It's not helping that we (with the narrator) see him in the manner of seeing a animal in a zoo exhibit and seeing how animalistic, mindless and simple-minded he behaves.
    6. Unlike other "lovable jerk" characters in the show such as Captain Bones and Professor Rocket from the segment "Psycho Math", The Revolting Slob stands out like a sore thumb for being a very abrasive jerk who shows no remorse for his cruel behavior. In season 1, he starts off as a cantankerous, ill-tempered crumudgeon who does and says rude things for no reason despite the fact that his undignified actions usually repulses the narrator who is teaching us the viewers about vocab words for nouns, verbs and adjectives.
    7. He often acts really unkind and mean-spirited towards the narrator, like how he once made fun of the narrator by exaggerating her weight of weighing over "200 pounds" while teasing her about it repeatedly and saying she weighs 600 pounds when she doesn't, and how he ordered the narrator to rub his feet multiple times as of season 2. These moments still makes him behave jerkishly despite acting completely cartoonish and immature.
    8. He has also shown to be hypocritical, when he was called out for getting aggressive by abusing his pet cat and acting "tough" to impress his date, the narrator calling him out on this truth, has The Revolting Slob reject this and says he is not.
    9. He also seems to be opinionated, where he prefers to have beans and styrophom over anything else, and will remain persistent in what he likes, which makes him extremely stubborn as well.
    10. He is an absolute glutton since all he really does throughout the show, is how much he eats a lot (even non edible stuff too), and it makes him incredibly unhealthy and ravenous as well.
    11. He is a manbaby who can't take proper care of himself since he is messy and a hoarder who isn't seen moving around and lives in a messed up house that isn't cleaned at all.
    12. He is also an frequent animal abuser, since as seen in Episode 26, he was shown to take a cat's tail and throw it across the room very violently to show how far will he go to flirt with the narrator herself, even if he started growling and acting aggressive as well, thus showing his violent and threatening side.
      • It's not helping that in Episode 12, he hagged and spat repeatedly more than one time at the poor cat as a form of attack, which he did out of malice, which makes the cat screech in pain.
      • Even in Season 2's Episode 42, he still likes throwing his helmet at a cat for no reason, showing how he has no remorse for torturing his cat.
    13. He can seem a little one-dimensional overall since he never changes nor learns to not be a nasty slob, which makes him extremely irresponsible and it's not explained why does he want to be the same revolting jerk that he is.
    14. To make matters worse, his repungant antics get repetitive and hard to watch in season 1 (even when it was intended to be funny), which warranted in the makers of the show needing to change it up so kids could find him more likable and light-hearted in season 2 due to how stale his antics were getting in season 1.
    15. While his voice is well done throughout, there are times when his yelling and shouting can sound obnoxious and a little ear-piercing. Especially in the last episode of season 2, where he acts extremely exuberant and had a kiddy hat before wanting to bring gifts to his friends' birthday party, which is an example of how he sounded grating at times.

    Intentional Good Qualities

    1. He does get a noticeable tone into his personality shift that makes him become much more tolerable in season 2, where despite being messy and still a lazy slob, he does become more loud, silly and eccentric, all while having many traits that makes him more interesting and becomes a little more compelling despite being weird, gassy, slovenly and still a jerk at times.
      • In Episode 42, he is shown to be quite insecure in terms of playing football and saw him as not good, which does earn him some fair share of sympathy.
      • It's hinted that he happens to have friends now, which also implies that he did manage to become a better person in the second season despite still seen being lazy and messy (but just not on camera).
      • When he was once seen talking in his sleep in Episode 44, he sounded articulate and sounds much more pleasant to listen to, making him having a nice posh sounding accent, shich he did unintentionally and had no recollection of what he was saying in his sleep.
      • Despite sounding a little obnoxious, he is good at imitating animal sounds, and is still very talented at singing in a opera choir note as seen in Episode 40.
      • As seen in the last episode of the show, he is very affectionate towards skunks and treats them very kindly and lovingly, to the point of considering them his favorite animals.
    2. To be fair, he does have moments here and there where he isn't always being a jerk, especially when he does act friendly and patient sometimes in his first appearance as of season 1; where he thoughtfully asked the narrator what did she want him to do, and as of season 2, he has become a little bit more good-natured in tone towards other people despite being reckless, messy and somewhat of a jerk as always.
    3. He was very fond of his mother's donuts and was upset when he shares how he misses the way his mom makes donuts.
    4. His voice acting is overall very good and well done, making him have hammy and exuberant lines (his voice can even be compared to Taz from Looney Tunes or sometimes having shades of Wario's voice because of this).
    5. He is also puppetered very well, and moves very expressively as he should.
    6. He consistently provides lots of funny (or even hilarious) moments here and there, which can make him seem like a fun or endearing character to some viewers throughout both seasons of Crashbox. These moments include:
      • In season 1:
        • "Episode 5": When he said "NO!" to the narrator saying he's as "stubborn as a mule" and when he told the narrator "Good for you" twice with tons of emphasis on the second time he said when the narrator kept saying how him eating styrophom is unedible.
        • "Episode 17": When he angrily told the narrator to get out of his house (which can be seen as funny since the narrator always looks down on The Revolting Slob and judging his bad lifestyle).
        • "Episode 22": When he smelled his own armpits and was immediately disgusted at that when he was trying to prepare for his date (who looks similar to him but more neat).
      • In season 2, there are more moments like:
        • "Episode 43": When he yelled cheerfully once he was cured from being sick and blows a confetti horn to celebrate it.
        • "Episode 45": When he wore a '70s outfit and claimed to go on a "hunger strike", but it goes very shortly once he then ignores that claim of his and then The Revolting Slob promptly grabbed the cake and went to eat a mushy cake like he didn't much.
        • "Episode 48": He provided a very entertaining and funny scene when he did a lazy dance to a disco moment he surprised everyone with like he was at a '70s disco party, and it comes off as pretty funny. And he also provided a humorous moment when he (repeatedly) asks the narrator to rub his feet multiple times in a sassy manner despite the narrator saying no.
        • "Episode 52": The last episode when he gets more and more skunks as gift ideas for his friends' party (and even sniffed it in a bizarrely overjoyed way).
    7. He always explodes at the end of every episode (despite not getting hurt), and this means that he's no Karma Houdini in the slightest.
    8. He has many great quotes and one-liners throughout both seasons, such examples include:
      • "Can I eat NOW!?"
      • "More!!"
      • "Tastes GOOD! Heheh!"
      • "NO!!!!"
      • "Good for you..."
      • "Good. For. You!!!"
      • "Bug off."
      • "The DEAD fly!"
      • "The DEAD, fly does not fly, because I swatted it."
      • "Oh oh."
      • "GET. OOUT! Leave!!!"
      • "GET! OOUT!!!"
      • "GO!!!"
      • "Six hundred pounds!!! (Wheezing laughter)"
      • "(Sarcastically): Oh my."
      • "Don't know."
      • "I'm full of surprises baby. HAH!!! Yah get sloppy!! Ahhhhhhh, PAAAAAARTYYYY!!!!"
      • "YAAAAHH!!! Work it work it! Hah! Bleugh! Yeeeeeeeeess!!"
      • "Rub MY feet! Rub my feet! Rub my feet! Rub!! My feet!!"
      • "RUB! My FEEEEET!!!! Rub my FEEEEET!!"
      • "Myyyyy feet! Yeah! Give that rub that feet! Yeah!! Ahhh!!"
      • "Is this LOT like a good! Foot rub!! Hahahah! Ehahahah!!! My feeeet!!"
      • "Peace man! Ahah!!"
      • "I miss the groovy streak outs."
      • "Slobs have rights! Slob have rights!"
      • "Hunger strike."
      • "Going on a HUNGER strike!"
      • "Skunk! Good gift!!"
      • "Right. Give two skunks! (Sniffs and exhales)"
      • "Give more skunks!"
      • "NEVER enough skunk!!"
    9. It is incredibly obvious that he is meant to be hated, given his very name defining his (mostly) unfavorable personality as the show intended it to be.
    10. It is undeniable that the show would not be the same without him, considering how he's become one of the most memorable and iconic characters in the entire show.


    WARNING: Tons of gross-out visuals are displayed in these videos, if you're highly sensitive to hearing burps and seeing explicit imagery such as saliva and snot,
    Don't watch these videos if you're on a full stomach.


    • He shares a lot in common with SML's Shrek, as the two are both ugly, gross, incredibly lazy, childish, dumb, weird, hammy, have bad eating habits, and both enjoy doing disgusting behavior while remaining in one area so often, but unlike Shrek (who is given a lot of more of a crazy personality that gives him lots of life as a character that goes beyond being only a gross fat jerk, has moments of moving around more, and also has moments of wanting to do heroic things here and there despite being ridiculous and an anti-villain), The Revolting Slob just consistently acts gross and lazy for no real discernible reason other than his hedonistic enjoyment.
    • In one episode, he is shown to be sentimental, passionate about the 1970s, and fondly remembers his past.


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