The Principal (To Love-Ru)

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"Don't let your kids watch this!" - Robbie Rotten

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The Principal (To Love-Ru)
How on earth did this guy even become principal, when he is some kind of a masochistic pervert?
Gender: Male
Type: A Masochistic Pervert
Age: Middle-aged
Species: Human
Media of origin: To Love-Ru

The Prinicpal is an unnamed principal of the Sainan Metropolitan High School that Rito Yuki, Haruna Sairenji, Yui Kotegawa, Saki Tenjoin, Lala Satalin, Momo Bella, and Nana Astar Deviluke attend to, is a minor yet recurring character of the harem comedy manga series, To Love-Ru. He is introduced as a small overweight pervert who is not afraid to show his feelings to girls from his school or somewhere else he finds attractive.

Why He Should Be Fired

  1. There's no proper reason for him to exist and no reason of why he keeps being a pervert to other girls. But he, the principal likes to sexually assault girls for fun, which makes Rito Yuki, the series' main male protagonist in the series look like more of a joke with no personality and character development.
  2. He is basically the harem equivalent of Herbert the Pervert, and a copy of Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy, Just like them, he feels more like a random Family Guy character.
    • And even then, both Herbert and Quagmire have memorable gags and punchlines, but both like to have sex, while the principal doesn't have any to stand out.
  3. His character design looks mediocre, too cartoonish, and unpleasant. The principal is a small dwarf-like middle-aged man who kinda looks like Mario from Super Mario Bros. with a Bendy-Esque hairstyle, and Peter Griffin with sunglasses from Family Guy. It doesn’t even match with the art style compared to other characters making the design look overly cartoonish.
  4. He allows Lala Satalin Deviluke to be enrolled in school just because he simply thinks she's cute, that's it. And no, he didn't even have her take the entrance exams, make her check around the school first, or at least inspect her, which gives further proof that he is a terrible principal. Even though, he is not even aware that she is a half-alien who is one of the daughters of the Deviluke Empire.
  5. He may be middle-aged, but the principal is downright annoying and a pedophile. He keeps sexually assaulting female students for fun, steals their swimsuits and bikinis, and runs around in his underwear thinking any cute girl would come to him.
    • He goes across the line and has the audacity by attempting to assault Rito Yuki's sister, Mikan, who's just 12-13 years old. Seriously, he could've gone to jail if he were to keep continuing to do so!
    • He's also a masochist too, letting Nemesis sit on top of him in his underwear. Which is again, very unhealthy and creepy.
  6. He is supposed to be taking his role as a principal very seriously and normally, but the way he acts, the sexual things he commits to his female students and gets away with it scot-free, makes the audience wonder: how is he still not fired from his job? Or how he got his job, or why didn't the school's director find out about his actions?
  7. Aside from being perverted, he doesn't really do much in the greater narrative and only serves as filler and comedy, but somehow gets a lot of screen-time in both manga and anime to the point his perverted gags start to become stale.
  8. We barely even know much about why he was perverted towards female students whatsoever.
  9. As of To Love Ru: Darkness, he never stops being a pervert whatsoever.
  10. He is indeed a clumsy middle-aged man obsessed with girls nonstop.
  11. At some point, he barely EVEN learned how to stop his perverted actions AT ALL.
  12. He does not even apologize to the girls for his perverted nature.
    • That makes Master Roshi from the Dragon Ball manga/anime franchise, Happosai from Ranma 1/2, Issei Hyodo from High School DxD, Jiraiya from Naruto and its sequel Naruto Shippuden and Tomoki Sakurai from Heaven's Lost Property look like amateurs in comparison. At least, Roshi, Happosai, Issei, Jiraiya, and Tomoki hide their attempts and each knows when to keep them in moderation.
  13. In the end, he is possibly one of the worst characters in this series and always shows up nonstop in every single chapter and episode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His voice acting is good.
  2. He does sometimes leaves his students alone.
  3. He is not as antagonistic or mean-spirited at all.
  4. He doesn't bother girls sometimes.
  5. At least he doesn't seem to have a peeping system compared to other anime characters who do that often.


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